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  1. Last really good performance I can remember was Boxing Day
  2. Weird, don’t disagree with the subs but of all the problems today Keita is well down the list
  3. Roscoe


    Wow happy happy day
  4. Yep - if this ‘run’ has been good for anything, it’s cleared up the player of the season debate
  5. Our heads have well and truly gone haven’t they
  6. It’s really worrying and strange how in this blip we have been worse in the second half of games
  7. One of the big worries has been how we’ve got even worse in the second half of these games. The drops off is absolutely ridiculous
  8. On the rack here So many players rushing things and making poor decisions
  9. Roscoe


    It’s getting harder not to start thinking about believing we might do this
  10. Roscoe


    Yeah - I don’t think I’d recover if we lost out to a Rodgers led Leicester
  11. Allegri He’s the worry, but it’s not going to stop me enjoying this
  12. Incredibly proud of that performance and this team. Gutted for everyone involved that we’ll probably have nothing to show for this season
  13. It’s not great, but if we can’t beat Huddersfield without him...... As long as he’s back for Barca
  14. Lalana is so frustrating- epitomising the sloppiness throughout the team at the moment
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