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  1. Doesn’t get easier or less visible as a protest without violence and looting though either.
  2. smithdown


    Well the lockdown did start without the govt last time
  3. smithdown


    The incompetence is astonishing. The lack of any talent - no one speaks with any authority whether it’s the scientific advisors blinking and blithely spouting nonsense that a kid could debate them out of, or politicians thinking that getting in and out of an interview without screaming ‘take them, not me’ is the mark of great statecraft, and even an opposition that waits and waits and waits to ask one pointed question a week - is damning. You’d swap the lot of them for an hour of almost anyone, from Scotland to New Zealand, to quickly reassess the situation and make some recommendations.
  4. Scenes from Abolish the Police
  5. smithdown


    If Stannogs is like any other park at the moment what are they going to do? Empty it out on match days?
  6. smithdown


    This is what’s so mad about the government. There’s short term thinking to get out of a mess but this is ridiculous. Who they gonna have lined up to take the blame?
  7. This is why I’m glad we don’t have guns in this country
  8. smithdown


    So what happens when it turns out only six dozen people out of 66 million have downloaded it cos they don’t trust any of them as far as they can fart? We will be celebrating having a world beating capacity obviously but what about the actual virus?
  9. The reporter isn’t though and that’s the point CNN and the white fella Josh are making
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