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  1. If you’re slightly xenophobic clap your hands
  2. It’s the missing art I worry about the most All those episodes of Mind Your Language lost to our youth it makes me want to weep. The only way they’ll know Alf garnett is if they have one at home or in the workplace.
  3. How many people have you converted with these debates? More than one? In my experience they just jump from one piece of nonsense to the next, almost always contradicting themselves within seconds, claiming what they said wasn’t what they said and stuff like that. It’s useless.
  4. People might not want to hear someone slagging off immigrants while they’re at work. They’re at work. Why should they put up with your mates cheeky slight prejudices and your tolerant debating with them? They’re at work. Yous have no right . This is bulls*** now
  5. Again there’s no specifics what art? What have you not got anymore? What has been deleted on you?
  6. Is that why you don’t address how those debates might affect someone other than yourself? Because everyone’s at it?
  7. If you suspected and recoiled from their character how do you think someone not as white as you would feel? Empowered? No, they’d just think this is what this workplace is like and the people in it, who see it and turn a blind eye to it like Ant does. That probably only matters if there were non-white people in the vicinity though, and in that kind of workplace there probably isn’t. Not in anything senior for sure. Sounds s*** doesn’t it.
  8. Suspect? in what way suspect?
  9. Ah Thats a bit weird
  10. Someone like Kapaernick Is a HUGE example of cancel culture yet his name never comes up from the Toby Young side. It’s a glaring glorious example of all the things they fear happening yet they don’t go near it.
  11. Toby Young’s Schooldays more like
  12. There’s only really been Morrissey anyway hasn’t there and that was white blokes who done that. And he still carries on regardless. Ian Watkin if that was his name maybe counts as the best example of it happening and again, that was his own fans.
  13. In snooker you’d be forced to play again like in fascism
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