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  1. smithdown


    So Tier 3 is a nonsense already?
  2. Happy days! Won’t need my vote after all.
  3. And I tell you what he’s been as tireless in calling for measures that counter BME deaths from Covid as he was in insisting that everyone under 25 get back to what they were doing when the virus was at its most rampant. No wonder he’s so popular he hasn’t got a song.
  4. All aboard the Truck he’s so fond of not having any of I might look for a photo of it now just to see how blummin solemn his face was Yep. It’s a beauty
  5. Funny that there Rudy shouting about using your drug addled son for your dirty deeds on the same page as young Donald freestyles on Fox about all the non dead people that haven’t snuffed it
  6. He could read from one of Johnson’s books or articles and broadly agree with it, he’s excellent at that
  7. Hope he takes the knee again that was ace
  8. So SQ Starmer, who is of course a lawyer, suspends him basically for use of the word “exaggerated”? Not a word I would fight a court case on but I’m sure he knows what he’s doing, like in the Menezes case for f***ing example.
  9. He’s getting in nothing. He’s all about keeping things as they are.
  10. Just another thing for Status Quo Starmer to agree with the government about, which is the most important thing.
  11. Hahaha they’re boss He’s divisive in that he takes kids from families and loses them but wait there hang on that’s not now necessarily a bad thing cos
  12. Starmer the abstainer on table service muffling “excellent choice sir may I say again how much I agree with you yet again sir”
  13. Goodnight Palestine btw. We won’t be hearing from you for a long long time.
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