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  1. smithdown


    Front pages tomorrow are beginning to catch the general mood
  2. I missed a gig by a reggae star of the early eighties a couple of years ago because that afternoon my Mrs had seen something scurrying off underneath the fridge, and trust me she has got (or had, she has had some counselling for it since) a proper phobia about our rodent chums. She was in too much of a state to leave her alone indoors not just that night but for a couple of weeks. Comes from the kind of family where half the women say things like “I wouldn’t go in that Sefton Park/Otterspool/Anywhere normal it’ll be full of rats”. And that’s how come I gave up my ticket for f***ing Eek-a-mouse.
  3. smithdown


    2000 NHS staff have been tested They’re doing 10000 tests a day But only 2000 NHS staff have been tested
  4. smithdown


    Someone had better find out what changed on March 12 for both governments
  5. Hugh Johns always makes everything sound brilliant too - something about him where he sounds completely unarsed yet magnificently entertained at the same time.
  6. Edit: should read man “The only not-awful person in Tiger King is a trans man who was misgendered throughout the series“ https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/03/30/tiger-king-saff-trans-transgender-joe-exotic-netflix-robert-moor-misgendered/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. Even found myself shouting at the woman with one arm - you can still tidy up a bit can’t you ffs, stood there with half a sofa tipped up on its side
  8. Yeah been sticking on a random opera in the morning to take the edge off
  9. Trump really can’t stand to hear a woman of colour talking can he
  10. smithdown


    Agree with that. Either call this season finished as it stands or finish it whenever sport gets going again. Pretending it never happened sounds pathetic.
  11. There’ll be a division drawn up - “those claimants who through no fault of their own...” will be a key phrase
  12. Scroungers eh, whatever happened to them?
  13. Suarez with his top hat and cane against Newcastle
  14. smithdown


    Was made to watch some of the Cummings doc on the iplayer but got infuriated by people calling him a genius when his main skill seems to be just lying about what has been said and done Genius isn’t just going “say we didn’t do herd immunity just say it’s the EU” and then running away holding your satchel with your gak in it out the back gate
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