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  1. Damian_de


    There is another important part of how it works - there is hardly any coronavirus in Denmark, basically. So if people with symptoms are isolating and the health system has plenty of capacity and PPE (which it does) then the risk to be back at school is pretty low.
  2. Damian_de


    The schools are integrated from age 6-16, therefore if you have the children aged 12 and under back you have access to the classrooms ages 13-16 available - so they split the classes across two rooms and can maintain the separation. There are designated groups who can interact during break and there are staggered class start times. In kindergarten the situation is more tricky. Parents drop off and pick up outside, staggered starting times. I'm not sure how they work it during the day but lots of hand washing and so on. All of this is founded on the fact that the kids overall not only get it much less severely than adults, they simply just get it less too.
  3. Damian_de


    Bit more news from Denmark. My wife works as a doctor for ICU corona patients. Back in Early March one of Denmark's senior epidemiologists made a rapid fire world tour picking up stocks of various experimental drugs and brought them back to Copenhagen where they subsequently have been distributed to various research hospitals around Europe (not sure if UK was included). As of yesterday they have stopped the Danish experiment into the use of Remdesivir as it is 'unethical to continue the experiment when it so clearly is effective in reducing the length of time that people are critically ill'. In other words it has overnight gone from experiment to treatment. This is possible because: It is extremely fortunate that it has been extensively been tested on humans already as part of its trials for Ebola Average time of serious illness reduced from 15 days to 11 days Mortality of rate of those treated reduced from 11.3% (placebo group) to 8% It is not yet well understood what the effect is of early treatment, i.e. before becoming critically ill. It is strongly suggestive that an effective anti-viral therapy can be developed even if Remdesivir is not it. Meanwhile, out in the everyday world we are continuing to open things up. School have been back two weeks now for age 12 and lower, pretty much every shop is open, as are many offices although typically with work at home if convenient options, although the maximum gathering size is still at 10. Public transport and so on has never really been affected, and we have not had the kind of restrictions like in the UK with regards to leaving the house so everything is pretty much as was there - just be sensible.
  4. Damian_de


    Inherent in the idea is that the kids (and teachers, I guess) will have built up resistance by then.
  5. Damian_de


    Well, I can answer this from the Danish perspective as we start school for grades 0-5 (age 6-11) again from next week. If you are a pregnant teacher you don't have to go back, but as I understand it that is purely precautionary. There seems to be basically no evidence that coronavirus is more dangerous to pregnant people or their unborn children. Children in special risk categories do not have to go back yet. In your example that would depend on the severity and current treatment of the asthma. School is being remodeled so that the classrooms will effectively be outside and the curriculum focused around outdoor activities, be it natural science, physical education or whatever. Denmark also made mistakes in the beginning but the number of people dying here has been a tiny fraction of what you are seeing in the UK.
  6. Been a lot of times down the years when the Reds have been beaten in Europe and come back stronger. Vive la revolution!
  7. Their property is all they've got, Des. Everyone else is getting away with it at their expense...
  8. Guardian reports that they are going to rip up their structure and let Ancelotti run all aspects of the recruitment, sidelining Brands.
  9. Damian_de

    Election 2019

    Yeah. Me either. But just to put the s***s up you, authoritarian lunatics in every country will learn plenty from this. There is a risk that the UK is just the start of the plague.
  10. Find it hard to believe that Barbieri record is the best one to come out this year. Not saying it is bad but I don't know what is supposed to make it stand out from others of a similar ilk, let alone everything else.
  11. Damian_de

    Election 2019

    Interesting. All of those companies have a business model reliant on constant and long lasting interactivity with their systems. Free WiFi for the whole country disproportionately benefits those companies directly. Increasing the exposure of the entire population to their surveillance and exploitation is morally questionable, in my opinion, The policy by itself is not sufficient.
  12. Damian_de

    Election 2019

    Did she gets asked that or did she just volunteer it? It is a crazy question to ask anyone, really. edit: I checked.... seems it was her number one listed reason why she can't have a coalition with JC. mental.
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