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  1. Just the absolute worst news. A remarkable man who I feel privileged to have known and whose company online and (all too rarely) off was always a treat.
  2. Gilps


    My job is now 90% telling customers off for not putting a mask on when they get up to go for a piss
  3. Gilps


    To be clear, I'd be good with alcohol sales being allowed across the board later into the evening. It's the inconsistency that bugs me, as someone whose livelihood is at stake.
  4. Gilps


    Loads of it every time I finish an evening shift
  5. Gilps


    Of course anyone who really wants to hold one doesn't have to do enormous amounts of planning in advance. But if you can't by cans from the corner shop when you're kicked out at 10, it might stop a few impromptu ones. It would at least show some consistency of messaging anyway. How many of those couples are nipping out after 10pm to grab a bottle?
  6. Gilps


    Yeah. If you're going to sacrifice most of an industry to the notion that late night drinking is the biggest cause of spreading, at least make a token effort to address sakes to house parties. Or you're just adding insult to injury. He types, from behind the bar in a near deserted venue.
  7. Gilps


    Tbf it has made no f***ing sense having no cut off time for off sales when there's a curfew for in sales. Don't get me wrong, the curfews b******s. But if you were to make any case for it, it should always have gone hand in hand with shops not being able to sell booze after us in hospitality have to kick everyone out.
  8. Government owned properties will all be public knowledge. We’ve had an MP murdered in recent years, credible threats made against others. I’m not sure why where they sleep has to be public knowledge or what the gain is, as long as expensesvon private places are controlled.
  9. Security and other risk issues with putting everyone in one place. You’d not let half your MPs get on the same plane together in case of a crash. You don’t want a fire taking out the building where half of them are living. The worst of those expenses claims have mostly been eliminated with changes to the system since the big scandal. A lot of expenses are effectively centrally controlled now e.g. IT equipment used in constituency offices has to be sourced through Parliament and must be returned when you lose or otherwise leave your seat.
  10. Indeed. Cabinet members are on around £150k. Junior ministers between £105 and £125k depending on level. Select Committee Chairs about £100k. Leader of the Opposition £140k. They all still need a home in London (or commutable distance) for when they’re in Westminster. That’s true for all MPs, wherever their seat. The ones not in commutable distance need a home in their constituency too. London MPs need 1 home, at London prices. Northern MPs need a London home at those prices plus a constituency home.
  11. It’s a factor that’s reduced if you’re already a local, obviously. And in general local candidates should be preferable. But a general election campaign is still enough work that you’re giving up the day job for a period to do it and lots of potentially great candidates just can’t do that. This is a different issue though and not sure increasing pay for anyone who gets the job at the end of the process solves it.
  12. I just think it’s better to have all that covered by a separate, robust and transparent expenses system. But agree it’s not worth getting hung up on that premise really.
  13. There are other financial barriers to entry though. If you want to run - especially as a candidate for a major party in a competitive seat - then you’ve got to move there and work pretty much full time, giving up or taking a sabbatical from a day job , for at least a few months in advance of the election.
  14. You’re still saying that MPs for London seats should have more money after expenses than MPs for seats in the North, the West Country, Scotland, wherever else. That’s inherently unfair and arguably says To those communities that their representatives are worth less than Londoners representatives are.
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