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  1. The government is scrapping Section 106 agreements and it will be devastating for the future of social housing in this country. https://www.insidehousing.co.uk/news/news/concerns-for-social-rent-as-government-unveils-plans-to-scrap-section-106-67418 A whole host of restrictions imposed by government prevent local authorities building council housing on anything approaching the scale required, even when they have the ability and desire to do so. Of the limited amount being built, half is directly down the funds from Section 106 and that is now being taken away and replaced by schemes to aid buyers. It’s appalling.
  2. Gilps


    Johnson offered the opportunity at the press conference to distance himself from Whittaker’s comments and he declines to take it.
  3. Gilps


    Yeah, local lockdowns are slways going to be hugely divisive. People wi of course question where the boundariesare drawn. Imagine how bad it will be when a whole town is locked down over a spike in specific estate.
  4. If celebs all stayed out of politics, there might well be 1,000s of kids going hungry this summer. Plenty of famous people use their platforms to bring attention to all sorts of issues. This is a good thing.
  5. I agree that it’s worth picking at an area of weakness for the government, even if in the grand scheme of things the issue is overblown. Especially if it is an issue that is a perceived area of strength for the Tories relative to Labour, as national security probably is traditionally.
  6. Well can’t speak for anyone else, but I didn’t mention it cause it was my day off following a stretch of working 45 hours in 4 days and I was in the pub. I never really anticipated it having as big an impact as loads were expecting or hoping for either though.
  7. Labour has been granted an Urgent Question on the Russia Report today btw, right after PMQs. I realise it would be terribly old fashioned to wait to see the approach taken before condemning them though.
  8. Well quite. Holding individual nations to a different standard than others, or accusing one of somehow acting uniquely badly by taking action that are pretty much universal among nations is never good.
  9. Gilps


    2km would definitely reduce infection rates pretty effectively
  10. Gilps


    In practice, the police aren’t going to be patrolling the entrances to every shop in the land, if only because of a lack of resources. Individual shop owners will make the call on who they do or don’t admit to their private premises, with police involvement only likely in the event of things getting disruptive. Granted that just makes shoppers vulnerable to discriminatory shopkeepers more than discriminatory police officers.
  11. Gilps


    No, but worth noting that the rule is for face coverings, not specifically masks. Scarves, pulled up jumpers, all manner of home made varieties are allowed. I’d agree making commercially sold masks compulsory would be economically discriminatory, but this is less so.
  12. Also, if he’s 12 he’s too young for an account based on their own t&c’s, so maybe Instagram ought to be deactivating it rather than just letting his number of followers shoot up.
  13. Well they won’t and can’t say it, but they could only do it in the first place cause there were no visitors allowed. Now visitors are allowed again, we’re back to there not being enough parking to go round. Creating a market from the competition for the limited spaces is easier than building loads more parking on top of or underneath hospitals.
  14. This will be a recurring problem for them over the months and years that follow. It’s very hard to take things away from people once you’ve given them to them in the first place. Short term measures will either remain in place or cause them huge loss of goodwill when they’re removed.
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