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Norwich City vs Liverpool, Premier League, Sat 15 Feb, 17.30

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I can’t wait for this game. It’s a different feeling to normal anticipation.


I am so content with football right now as in it’s thoroughly making me happy. Last season was elation or despair cause every point mattered. Now it’s a pure sense of happiness with 2 weeks to enjoy the league table.

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How’s the weather looking for this? Still gonna be on??

55mph winds forecast for Norwich - keen to watch us play but i think I’d rather it be postponed.


Just could make it a bit of a wacky game.

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It’s sort of at the bottom of a hill but it’s pretty open. I’m about 40 mins away and it’s alright here.



You fascinate me, Phil. You're a man built entirely out of soccer passion and good trivia. 

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