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  1. Reina has had lots of practice being a number 2 since leaving us, he would be able to fit right in.
  2. I am thinking of freezing my starter. I am trying different breads and don’t need to bake sourdough too often. There is only so much bread we can eat. If the freezing works I can then make sourdough once a month or so. Home made baguettes have been a real success and easy. My wife makes soup and they compliment each other really well.
  3. Fans want records more than players? I want 101 points and to win all games at home. But nothing wil get me upset now, as we have won the league and that was the goal. With no real pre season though, you would hope any poor run now doesn't carry over.
  4. Will he give you the job knowing who you are?
  5. We are a team, don’t want anyone to be on their tod.
  6. downunder


    His appearance on Boys From the Blackstuff was put to use.
  7. Going by your score prediction, can you let us all know what he will achieve 🙂
  8. downunder


    There are 14 games to be played by us and City. For us to not be champions we need 13 or 14 games to go against us. Phenominal (I think that's right!)
  9. downunder


    And a whole album only gets 33?
  10. downunder


    Thanks - appreciate this.
  11. downunder


    I am thinking that, I know I may have to make more than one trip in the next 6- 12 months and I am very worried about my dad, he won’t cope very well. Usually we stay with them, but their flat isn’t big, and 2 weeks of not going out is not ideal, I sleep on a sofa bed in the lounge. Having slept on it, I think I may go in a couple of months, when hopefully the virus has settled a bit more. Obviously if my mum gets ‘ill’ I can bring that forward., but as of now she feels ok.
  12. downunder


    Thanks, yes it’s the bloody virus that’s got to me a lot. Otherwise I could ‘plan’ a trip in the next few months.
  13. downunder


    So we were on the call with my parents and the oncologist. No treatment or surgery (Chemo would only be palliative) and 6-12 months expected. Not a great night in the downunder household . Just hopeful my parents can get out an about this summer and ‘enjoy’ their time together and I can get back.
  14. downunder


    Oncologist appointment on Tuesday, by phone. So we will listen in as well. my mum has been told that she won’t be able to have surgery, so it will be chemotherapy. just hoping that’s because that is that due to her having MS and not that strong, , rather than it spread a lot already. i think after we know exactly what the state is, then I won’t stop thinking every day about all scenarios.
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