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  1. I am so proud of myself, I am posting my FB post on here. I set myself what seemed an impossible target of running 10K by Christmas. Today I managed to do it, I haven’t ever run anything like this before - 7k was my best. It wasn’t quick but I did it and am very happy.
  2. Originally I thought this was Spirit of Shankly an dthey wre trying to oust FSG
  3. We get the PL feed, so Wright and Shearer in the studio, they were good.
  4. I came on to say him. World Cup winner Diomede would have been superb. Being more serious, Le Tallec and FSP could have been good.
  5. downunder

    Welcome VvD

    This thread is knot funny, it gets my hopes up.
  6. downunder


    We (Australia) on the whole have managed this well. Melbourne was the exception. It’s been very much a case of go hard straight away when a Cluster occurs, not many were against the lockdown when announced, and now there is frustration that it was because of a lie. The big issue we we have is the medi hotels, bringing too many people back home, the more in quarantine with the virus the mor likely it can escape which happened. There is no solution to this, Australians need to have a way back in - after being stuck overseas all year. But keeping the country ‘safe’ is also important
  7. downunder


    He had two jobs, we all ‘think’ it was as he shouldn’t have been working too much (visa regulations) and the owner paid him cash. The police originally said he hadn’t broken the law so nothing could be done, but they have now set up a whole investigative unit to see if he can be charged . The pizza shop he works (ed) at has a police guard, even though it’s shut. I wasn’t too inconvenienced but many businesses were.
  8. downunder


    Yes, and now the lockdown is lifted after 2 days, it happened because one idiot lied. He said he bought a pizza, but he actually worked at the pizza shop. The whole contact tracing dynamic has changed.
  9. downunder


    After leading a pretty normal life for 6 months, suddenly we have total lockdown. Can't even go for a walk for excercise for a week.
  10. congrats, will you still find time to be on Twitter and here all day with all those females nagging you? like this one? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-48689957#:~:text=A vet in Fife was,spherical shapes in her stomach.
  11. Does that mean he has accepted defeat?
  12. Dont you do your veg boxes anymore?
  13. downunder

    Joe Gomez

    We probably would have had a game, as we are playing two games a week. But I agree friendlies are rubbish and shouldn’t be happening.
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