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  1. Jurgen pointed out after a pre season game, Brewster doesn’t get involved enough. Maybe he doesn’t think that will change, and wants to get rid of him.
  2. At least we can control the virus (except where Growler is)
  3. Molby. The way he could switch play is exactly what we get from the full backs .
  4. I see it a lot. From many friends too.
  5. A couple of days ago it was reported there was one at the camp. I think it’s @Swipewho said it was a player.
  6. Is Origi injured? Or was he the one who tested positive.
  7. I assume Karius will need to quarantine as he is not an Elite athlete?
  8. Has he got some busness to clean up?
  9. Isn’t it in November 2022?
  10. And also lucky the same person could fix his computer.
  11. What is lucky? We lost our keeper for a good while. We have had a CB out for a long period . Fabinho was out as well. We have bought someone to cover Bobby if he is out. So what do we actually need cover for , Mane and Salah? I do think we need reinforcements but our squad is actually pretty good as it is.
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