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  1. I think Lallana will be more of a miss than some reckon. Admittedly, the Adam Lallana we bought won't be missed much - we've been without *that* player for several years now and he's not been a goal or assist threat in quite some time. But the 'new' Lallana, the ball-keeper brought on to retain possession in the last few minutes of a tight match has been a real asset and a welcome alternative to a third centreback. I don't see that skill in Jones or Elliott. Maybe Milner will be that sub of choice more often?
  2. Cam

    Electric Cars

    Yeah, saw one last night and read a couple of reports. If i can financially justify an electric car, and I may well have to settle for a hybrid or something, I was looking at the Kona. I wasn't aware of the MG and obviously the £5k saving helps with the financial considerations. Cheers.
  3. Cam

    Electric Cars

    That might be an option for me later this year. Can you do us a favour and do a Quentin Wilson style road test review in a couple of months, please. Particularly around motorway driving and the distances between charges & how 70mph+ speed affects this.
  4. I think you have your knickers in a twist over something & nothing again. Just seen Klopp vs Shreeves. Ha!
  5. You asked me a direct question about being embarrassed about this team. I replied. Quite simple and funny. Anyway, how do we shake things up a little for Villa? Jones for some midfield impetus and maybe Keita to start?
  6. Never said I was embarrassed. You're mistaking for someone else. I am disappointed in tonight's performance, effort and result. That's okay, isn't it?
  7. I get that. But it could, should maybe, have been seven or eight.
  8. On that 'fifth'... if that was de Gea we'd be laughing.
  9. He's s finished at this level. Might be okay as a squad player and play in the Cup games etc but then his motivation comes in to question, plus wages. Would rather keep Lallana for that role.
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