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  1. Cam

    fao stanley leisure

    Keita Chiefs - Naby replaces Ricky Wilson in the once-popular Leeds-based band for their sold-out UK tour. But how many gigs will he turn up for? James' Milliners - the vice-captain chats to his favourite hat designers (I genuinely think something like this will be commissioned by the club's social media team).
  2. Cam

    fao stanley leisure

    Joel & Ma's Tip. The Cameroon star and his mum take over presenting 'Channel 4 At The Races'.
  3. Cam

    fao stanley leisure

    Lovren Island. Dejan is sent off to an exotic island to find his ideal life partner. He expects bikini-clad girls but is disappointed to find them all covered with red comfort blankets.
  4. Cam

    FSG Watch...

    Supersub David Furlough.
  5. Cam


    Extra camera crew, set-up staff, IT etc
  6. Cam


    Dan Roan saying the PFA are arguing a 30% pay cut by players would equate to £500m in wages - and therefore £200m less in government income through taxation. Asking if Matt Hancock has thought it through.
  7. Pretty sure you could put Matt Berry in to some of Shakespeare's more laborious & dull plays and they would become jibbering nonsensical delights!
  8. Probably just what we all need. I'll check it out during this lockdown, cheers.
  9. Cam


    Pretty poor really. You'd like to think it's done out of necessity rather than greed but even then if we (a 'well-run', FFP-compliant, top of the league, Euro/World champions, Sky coverage-a-plenty) NEED to be doing it then other clubs must be utterly fecked and player wages need to be coming down. There's always been reports lots of clubs are sailing close to the wind on player wages (and my own most recent eye-opener was the lack of money made by the club with the World Club Championship due to player bonuses) but if we can't even afford to pay the club staff... FFS.
  10. Was wondering why I'd never heard of it but wow, box office takings of $16,808.
  11. Yeah, bit harsh I guess but he did lie about Evra and the World Cup bite.
  12. Cam

    Some RIPs

    BBC saying he contracted the Coronavirus while in hospital.
  13. Yep. And that's a history that includes Ruddock, Diouf and Suarez!
  14. Especially after he signed for us at half-time!
  15. Aye, Tim Flowers was very good. But the list should have had 5 names on (plus maybe Cudicini) for who was best. The remaining 5 (plus the likes of Flowers, Friedel, Hart, Reina, even Howard) should be on a separate list for "who was the best second-tier level goalie". And James shouldn't be anywhere near that one either. He should be on a special list with Taibi, Pickford and Mignolet.
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