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  1. Depending on the price it would be a really good move for all three parties.
  2. Cam


    The Blitz spirit. Good ol' Blighty, eh. Utterly staggering the people coming out with this stuff, innit. Like they'd still have customers if half the population is dead and the other half are sat at home mourning loved ones and worrying about catching it themselves.
  3. Cam


    And Trump winning. I have no idea why people will be glad to see the back of 2020. It's not like next year will be a sunny stroll in the park.
  4. Cam


    He's not going to be using marshals (except in the most middle class areas as a show so he can lie to them it's happening in the more deprived areas - it's probably a vote winner) because no-one will take them seriously. He's not going to be using the police because they don't want to do it, there isn't enough of them and they certainly don't want to do it for this c***. And no PM will use troops on the street for something so benign as stopping people from going to Greggs. There will be a second lockdown though. And it will fail. As you say - because of Cummings, Johnson Snr and the
  5. Yep. Dedicated staff, multiple phone calls, knowledge of community issues, using community-based staff to knock on doors etc all working quite well.
  6. Good of the Mancs to ensure their kick-off was timed so they could watch their beloved Boris.
  7. It was always going to be Spring, to be honest. At least before it's deemed safe to do so. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Government folded to PL & EFL pressure before then to keep clubs afloat (which keeps Sky and other Tory-friendly organsations afloat) and they let some in despite safety concerns.
  8. We should definitely have left Jota at Wolves until after tonight.
  9. What Barnesy and Hass said. I know he's a legend and scored some legendary goals for us but it's ever-diminishing returns from him. He looked spectacular about four years ago in the middle but since then (I think he was dropped for a 'still-not-fully-Bobby' Firmino in a December) he has gone backwards. Some isn't his fault as he's been stuck on on the left. But the whole flow grinds to a halt when he's on. He also deserves a playing career at a Wolves, a Leverkusen or an Olympiakos even more than Brewster does.
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