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  1. rednotdead


    Sky Sports reports that, following a UEFA working group meeting involving the ECA and European Leagues yesterday, clubs remain hopeful of completing the season by June 30. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11963401/european-football-leagues-still-targeting-june-30-finish-after-latest-talks
  2. rednotdead


    Pep says football played without fans doesn’t work, and he should know. Italy is unique. Cases weren’t picked early. School closures became excuses for holidays. People fled south after initial quarantine measures in north. Also a very tactile culture, much more outdoors socially. And, biggest, of all a very old population.
  3. rednotdead


    Was a Platini whim and will never be repeated. Hope for all summer events is that the virus should lose potency as weather gets hotter. June isn’t exactly flu season. Italy is no comparison to UK, as there’s been twice as many deaths there as UK has cases. So league suspension a long way off.
  4. It’s a squad game but most people are “meh” about players who miss a lot of matches whether through selection or injury.
  5. rednotdead


    Sport is always the convenient fig leaf when political efforts have failed. Unhappy with a rogue or belligerent state or human rights abusers? Then boycott their next sporting event, all the while continuing to trade (even arms) with them. If football stadiums are going to be closed, why not shopping centres, cinemas, pubs, hotels? Cancelling sporting events is just one big reassurance ritual; security as theatre.
  6. rednotdead


    That’s a Ben Rumsby special. An idea ans then a load of speculation. And labelled an exclusive. But certainly the sooner we clinch this the better. Sure if we do it in March we’ll be fine.
  7. Sancho looks a brilliant prospect but players who impress in their teens are often finished by mid-20s. Salah is the best forward we’ve had in the Premier League era and looks good for another 3-4 seasons of 30plus goals. We can’t just build for the future and Werner covers that.
  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone. One the mend. New drugs. All good.
  9. I was again admitted to a psychiatric hospital last night just in time to enjoy the excitement. The last match I enjoyed here before that was Barca second leg. (That one made extra special as I gamely fought the effects of some knockout sleeping tablets during the final 15 minutes). Both matches the perfect way for a patient in the midst of an acute bipolar episode to recover. All going badly, I could even be in here for the title clincher which is not how I imagined it over the past 30 years.
  10. I’ll always be a Keita advocate but Ox has changed the game here.
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