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Norwich City vs Liverpool, Premier League, Sat 15 Feb, 17.30

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If Fabinho plays like he has done recently against an elite team, we put huge pressure on the back four, and stutter going forward. If Keita isn't on it, we fail to create as much.


This is overly simplistic, I know. Maybe Ox for Keita.


But I'd play Hendo at #6 and go from there. He's been the best player in Europe for months playing there.


Fab should get back there. There's a few League games after Norwich which are perfect for that.

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They can promote someone from Barcelona B surely


sounds like they got approval. Assume it's only applicable to domestic games but it's mad that a club with their resources 'needs' to acquire cover. Play a kid or someone out of position like the rest of the world's teams would have to

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Roll on Liverpool level football pronto.


Absolutely bored of all the other footie stuff masquerading as important.

Thus is so true. Championship footy is like watching park games, the continental games are so timid. Luckily, I have all our games on my DVR.

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There were stories saying there's going to be 60mph+ wind there on Saturday, but looking at the forecast it says 20-30mph wind now.

Yeah - worst of the weather's going to hit the west side of the country by the look of it.

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Crazy weather might be a bit of a leveller is the only worry, like the Watford and Burnley games at home which were high winds and ended up being awkward.

I always think there’s going to be an upset when the weather forecast gives high winds.

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Computer forecast models predict this low-pressure system will intensify rapidly as it moves across the North Atlantic Ocean through Saturday, likely becoming a bomb cyclone.


A bomb cyclone is a term used when a low-pressure system undergoes bombogenesis, meaning its central pressure drops by at least 24 millibars within 24 hours, a sign of rapid strengthening.


Forecast guidance suggests the central pressure of Storm Dennis will likely drop below 930 millibars when it's south of Iceland by Friday or Saturday. The lower the pressure, the more intense the storm, increasing the likelihood of strong winds.


Some forecast models show an extreme solution, with the storm's pressure dropping below 920 millibars into the 910s.


If this extreme solution verifies, Dennis would rank as one of the most intense North Atlantic storms on record, according to Weather Underground weather historian Christopher Burt and British weather historian Stephen Burt.


The all-time-lowest pressure on record for a North Atlantic storm is 913 millibars set in January 1993 near Scotland's Shetland Islands. This historic storm broke apart the super oil tanker Braer on a rocky shoal in the Shetland Islands, causing a massive oil spill, Burt noted.



there's also a meteorite headed Earth's way timed for 11.05am Sat morning

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