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Yorke on Keane


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Was reading excerpts from Yorkie's bio in one of the rags today. Was in tears trying to picture the scene below:



Sunderland were losing 1-0 to then League One side Northampton in a Carling Cup tie in September last year.


And in his new autobigraphy, Born To Score, Yorke says: "The manager's darkening mood was made only too clear on an ominous night for his regime. There were the first signs of tension between Keano and the Sunderland supporters. But that was nothing compared to the eruption we witnessed at half-time. We knew we were in for a tongue-lashing. We waited for the fireworks. Keano emerged from the washroom, quietly, calmly.


"He asked our kit manager if he can get the tactics board. 'Sure, boss, it's over here.'


"The board goes up. And Keano takes a running jump and smashes it over with a kung-fu kick.




He screamed at Danny Collins: 'Never come to me and ask for a contract again.' And then the captain, Dean Whitehead, is next. 'Captain? Captain? Some f***in' captain you are,' he rages, slapping Dean about the head in the process, before turning on us all. 'I can't trust any of you!'



"No one knew Keano's moods better than me and I sensed his regime was heading for a point of no return."


Sunderland scraped through 4-3 on penalties after salavaging a 2-2 draw.

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