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  1. Hoever will be fine once the dust settles.
  2. Thought he looked very good in the 1st half. Dropped back and got involved in some good build up play too. Unlucky not to score with that shot.
  3. Always tried his best and was seemingly well liked by many at the club. YNWA
  4. Ben White (Brighton defender who was on loan at Leeds this year) linked. Also some nonsense Salah drops transfer hint story in one of the rags.
  5. Perfect fit for our club. The man is unique.
  6. RIP Mr. Lewis. A true gent.
  7. I was down at the new Lime Street Staring at this yellow haired girl Curtis Jones strikes up a conversation with a red haired Firmino dancer You know, he dances whilst Mane passes from afar
  8. Well in the league they are still not mathematically sure of top 4 are they?
  9. I never like to see us lose, even when it is of no consequence like last night. However, I think last night's defeat can be used as a catalyst for the team. It is not that they needed reminding, but it is clear that City will not be going anywhere next season and will be our main challengers. Also, it is good that we won the league so early. By the time the new season rolls in all hangovers and complacency that might have come with winning it will definitely be long gone. We still have 6 more games and I am sure we will see much better performances. We just happened to have our most difficult
  10. Nerik


    I was a 14yr old in Form 4 when we last won it. Back then I grew up expecting Liverpool to win a trophy every season. This drought did however teach me one thing, that we support a unique club with a unique set of fans. Loads and loads have stood through the highs and lows of the past 30yrs and it is their just reward. This is an amazing Liverpool team and we have the best coach in the world at the helm. It has been a long and hard season off the field. Started off with my Dad passing away in September and other various issues. The football was the real main positive in it all as the tea
  11. No Guaita either for them. Happy Benteke is not an option off the bench either to be honest.
  12. Very nervous about this game. They always seem to give us a hard time but we've now won four in a row against them. They have speed on the counter in Zaha and are a threat at set pieces. We'll get chances however and if we are clinical we should win it.
  13. Katie Hopkins has had her Twitter account suspended.
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