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  1. He gave me a right b******ing that day but cant remember what for
  2. Hello all I cannot remember the last time I posted and I wish it wasn't in these circumstances Fierce in his convictions and not for shifting for nobody My abiding memory is him getting best unwarranted, and coming from nowhere, smack outside Maine Road at the Owen Hat Trick game All he could say all the way back in my car (which he was getting stick off me for getting bloody nose!) was 'me f***ing nose....manc c***...' i am so saddened by this, I truly am Love to all x Dave Ricketts
  3. I would get a safe pair of hands in then.......like that bloke at Fulham
  4. anny road

    16 years

    Sabre's VdV shirt was defo Ajax
  5. Doesn't have to be.....He can progress from being a YOU but currently he is one....
  6. The negativity towards the manager baffles me tbh Around me in the ground it is utterly ridiculous and close to making going the game unbearable (its that bad at times) He has been manager 18 months....Sure we are short on a few fronts (who isnt) We are 4 points off the top and have made massive MASSIVE strides Playing attractive football and are a joy to watch I would give him a new contract in a heartbeat
  7. anny road


    In the ground Chants in pubs are s***
  8. anny road


    Chants for the ground Songs are for pubs
  9. anny road


    it has.....but some of the general songs are as bad.........That Brendan Rodgers one is beyond awful
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