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  1. kop205

    Some RIPs

    How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? Put it in the microwave until its bill withers. RIP Bill, and this joke.
  2. Comes with the territory of playing for those c****.
  3. He's everything that is wrong with the world that little c***, far more so than his father-in-law
  4. kop205


    Proper leader, is Jordan.
  5. Sterling is one of the best players in the world, if he'd never played for us then I doubt there would be a single person saying they wouldn't want him. Not that he is ever coming back - that interview or Q&A or whatever that kind of prompted this chat was about the wishy-washiest thing ever.
  6. kop205


    So if everyone is doing it then nobody really suffers that much. Though if it gives us the chance to give some assistance to those battling against West Ham to avoid relegation then sound.
  7. I reckon that side at its peak was probably the best since us in about '78 or thereabouts. Had a bit of everything. Maybe just lacked a really great goalkeeper.
  8. I was in Australia at the time so I refute this
  9. kop205

    The boxing

    Yeah, think he's long past the point at which he is yet to prove what he is
  10. Shearer: "He made hundreds of appearances and had great longevity. To be around for that amount of time, you have to be a good goalkeeper." i.e. 'I supose he must have been alright but I've no idea how/why'
  11. Decking is basically just rat paradise isn't it? I've got a bit and although I've never seen any evidence of me having any rats I don't especially want to be tearing it up to take a look.
  12. DId a hilly, trail 6 miler about ten days ago at a good lick for me, felt great. Defo a bit under the weather the week after that, had a dose of something or another, went out Friday and again today just for a couple of miles to stretch the legs and it was remarkable how much whatever it was has hit me, especially on Friday had no energy at all and was over a minute per mile off the kind of pace I'd usually trot that in. Was better today but still a good 30/40 secs per mile off what I'd normally go pretty comfortably at for that distance.
  13. fyds Session musician and uncredited writer on several of the most critically acclaimed and best selling abums of all time.
  14. kop205


    Hope she's ok mate
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