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  1. Didn't do Gomez too much harm. Not that I want to give Rodgers any credit for anything.
  2. Sounds like an Enid Blyton book.
  3. kop205

    The cricket

    He's horrible.
  4. kop205

    The cricket

    Yeah, missed the ER-B stuff too, will take a look
  5. kop205

    The cricket

    I love Michael Holding. He's proper going for it on the cricket about BLM. The Sky standard issue pumps for the cricket appear to be tan with a white sole by the way.
  6. I think Minimino is potentially about as good a Bobby replacement as we'd be likely to get, realistically. Am happy for him to gradually step up, I think he's got the attributes to do well in our system. Origi isn't really cover for anyone though and isn't good enough to mean we can regularly play a different way and still do well. He urgently needs replacing. I get that there is financial risk in buying this summer but there is sporting risk in not and rightly or wrongly, as a fan, I'd rather see us take the former(and yes, I know that could also bring a longer term sporting risk but I'm greedy and I want us to win everything every year). Don't strengthen and we are relying on a handful of lads who have mostly been fit and monsters for two years to do it again and/or a few ladon whom the jury is still out for various reasons (Mini, Keita, Ox, even someone like Matip given his injury record) to stay fit and step up.
  7. This started well then got progressively madder.
  8. Don't think there is much future in Minimino out wide
  9. Klopp really hates the wind doesn't he?
  10. kop205


    No worries, leave it to me. Having first given it to all his puppet master Generals, who die as well.
  11. He's like a lower league Gripper Stebson. Or Ross Kemp when he was in Extras.
  12. In terms of league wins they're also level with Utd as the most successful club of the last 15 or so years and have won it a couple of times since they last did. As long as they pay well they'll be a draw. Seemed like he'd lost interest for a bit, which was nice. On the other hand though, maybe having another couple of strong sides just below our level isn't the worst thing if it means that the Drago-Rocky slugfest between us and City gets toned down a bit. Can't really be arsed with having to get 100 points every year (I know we didn't actually need that many this year but even so, hard to do it a third year on the bounce)
  13. How the f*** are Chlesea doing all this? Can they get away with a 3 in 1 window cos of the couple they had the ban? They are a weird club....they go from winning the League to being s*** to winning it again with a fair bit of regularity. Annoying this...was pretty confident their best days were well behind them but they could be decent next season.
  14. I still just have this thing that nobody we've sent out on loan has come back to have a good career with us, as far as I can remember. Think Murphy went back to Crewe for a bit maybe? I know it isn't exactly a hard and fast rule but we do seem to prefer to keep hold of the lads we really rate.
  15. That would have been boss to be fair. In all seriousness though, if the approach is for Labour to change by adopting policies that are acceptable to the likes of the completely unreformed Clarkson, as opposed to bringing about change in people by winning them over to a progressive manifesto, then there isn't much point is there? And yes, I accept that is very simplistic and binary in its presentation.
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