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  1. Blues***e in work today (who is a good lad to be fair) said that there were only 6000 eligible for the Liverpool ballot and 25000 for the Everton one. I defo smell some 'People's Club' bulls*** here but then Pearce has said there was a 1 in 4 chance based on those who registered. I reckon 75% of the ST holders around me are local - may be lower in other afeas of the ground than in the Kop but even if only 50-60% of ST holders are Liverpool City Region then that 1 in 4 chance seems a bit mad. Did loads just not sign up? It was a tight turnaround I suppose.
  2. Their new stadium just sank a little bit further into the Kings Dock silt.
  3. kop205

    Welcome VvD

    Now he's sorted the vaccine no reason for him not to be back pronto.
  4. I'm singing this to the tune of Whippin' Piccadilly
  5. Probably a load of others on there saying the opposite I'd imagine. Their names are equally punable though really so don't mind too much.
  6. It is mostly number 5. Imagine being the fella who set it off. How do you come back from that? I was in the Main Stand that day, in line with Virge. Lovely view of it. Obviously the Klopp/Ali chest bump as well.
  7. kop205

    The cricket

    Yeah, but presumably he kept playing cos he kept getting picked by people cos he was good. Didn't look like he had it in him.
  8. Winning the UEFA Cup - which they'd probably do if they ended up in it - is possibly their likeliest route into the Champions League next year as well. Let the hope kill them.
  9. kop205

    The cricket

    Boooo. How did that Malan lad get so good at T20? Never would have even crossed my mind when he was scratching around in the Test side.
  10. kop205


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-55160374 Mostly just the kind of stuff that people who actually work in schools were calling for months ago and that we could and should have known back then but probably about as fair a set of measures as you could have expected. Nothing in there about more optional content on papers, which would have seemed a good solution. Can't wait though for the whole of Year 11 at Eton to be isolating for the entire exam period and just get CAGs of 9 across the board.
  11. kop205


    Your name is Kelleher (Kelleher) It never suited ya
  12. Got to love Maguire getting put on his a*** twice to bookend that move
  13. kop205


    Should never have been a corner, it didn't leave the box before going out. God's were against him from the start.
  14. kop205


    This would suggest no https://medical.mit.edu/covid-19-updates/2020/07/when-should-i-be-tested
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