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  1. Can't make this, lads I cancelled my room in the hotel during the week as well so it might be worth checking if it's still available.
  2. Loved The Hobbit but only speed-read (pron. 'sped-red' in my head) through the trilogy. I read Christopher Hitchens's autobiography a while ago and he mentions a series of books set in the Classical world which, he took great pleasure in saying, he was reading while his lesser contemporaries were devouring the Middle Earth stuff. Bit of Googling indicates that they are the work of Mary Renault. Anyone read them and are they any good?
  3. In other words, for the first time ever, a minority identify themselves as British. Interesting.
  4. Has every single post smithdown made since Rodgers came in been in the form of a question he already knows the answer to?
  5. We thought it was over Suárez but one of the clearest examples so far was to-day. They're human and as a group they have shown an unwillingness to award even the most clear-cut of penalties to one specific team this year, for whatever reason. Maybe subconsciously they sense that giving us a penalty now were as tedious, as the man says, as getting to the end of the season without giving us a single one. When Arsenal went a whole season unbeaten it was recognized as a great achievement
  6. What's the protocol when Liverpool hammer Sam, Swipe?
  7. Really love reminding myself of this. A secondary warmth in the tale.
  8. There's no way they'd be able to last the whole season waving away like one and a half clear penalties every match ... or is there? :hmm:/>
  9. Anybody who read the thread title and didn't think "Dirk" needs help. Anybody who read Tony Le Mesmer's post and still didn't think "Dirk" should be shot in the face.
  10. Exactly. And on the back of another ganseyload of decisions going against us. The refs are running a book on the first of them to give a penno. This much is obvious.
  11. Final fifteen minutes are going well so far.
  12. The new Irish translation of The Hobbit (hardback)
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