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  1. You never know how a move will work out but he looks absolutely ideal. Part of my worry about this year has been how mentally demanding it would be to ask the same lads to produce nigh on 100 points for a third season on the row. This fella coming in, with all he has won, is the perfect way of addressing that. As well as being a fantastic player who gives us something different, his career is several notches up on any of our lads and he's a great reminder of what it takes to keep on winning. I enjoyed everything about the Chelsea game, including the build up, so much more than t
  2. My nan used to say 'If they fell down a drain they'd come up with a gold watch'. Mostly about Everton, for some reason.
  3. It would also help if the Democrats stopped nominating people like Biden.
  4. Maybe yeah, he's still probably the most talented player out there but he so rarely seems to be able to put four rounds together and he's got this bizarre capacity to completely blow up.
  5. Klopp defo has him pegged as a c***
  6. Kabak Saw you on my colour TV And I had a recollection of Traore
  7. Ha ha, just watching it on MOTD, that is great, brilliant that Ferguson was there to see it as well the horrible old c***. Palace have battered them.
  8. He was s***e yesterday. If it all clicks for him he might still have another major in him but that is probably about it and he's not getting anywhere near the number he looked like he would when he had four by the time he was 26 whatever. Hope neither of those pricks Reid or DeChambeau win this.
  9. He's the trouble starter, attakin' instigator He's the pass addicted, danger trequarista He is Alcantara, Thiago Alcantara
  10. He defo doesn't now he's at Chelsea.
  11. Werner literally said he'd be made up to even sit on our bench. I've never known anyone be so blatant in screaming 'Please just sign me'.
  12. It would be hard to think of a time when we've ever been a more attractive option - all the more important that we fully capitalise on that.
  13. Easier to do that than to reflect honestly on why Trump is the inevitable consequence of pretty much everything that US society seems to value.
  14. Kind of feels like we've been here before doesn't it?
  15. Probably say the same about a few of them. Probably a few of us too.
  16. They'd be right though wouldn't they?
  17. kop205


    I really don't know all the ins and outs of this bus trip to Doncaster thing and I get that it isn't great behaviour, but the shaming of them (not on here, just generally) is just so way over the top. It will achieve absolutely nothing positive whatsoever. It certainly won't result in an increase in people taking personal responsibility, if that is what is hoped. I do wish there was more of that at times but the reasons why there isn't are many and complex and go beyond people just being selfish knobheads and I'm even less inclined to put that label on people from working class areas
  18. Stagnated? He's still only 18, like.
  19. It genuinely baffles me that people are so bothered about who Manchester City draw in the League Cup.
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