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  1. Damn right. I heard that Mourinho called Son a b*stard too. Son needs to get out of there.
  2. Cracking film. I didn’t even mind the obviously Scottish admiral of the Soviet boat.
  3. Got to disagree with you there. The first time I met Will, he made me give him the shirt off my back. Literally. He said he’d call me names if I didn’t. Terrible fella. And Jonesy? Come on... 😉
  4. There is something very wrong with that guy.
  5. I smoked a bunch of weed and found it very entertaining. The guy in it from Downton Abbey really impressed me.
  6. This kid sounds a bit special. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/03/jamal-musiala-bayern-munich-after-leaving-chelsea-england-youth-international
  7. There are going to be bargains this summer. ManU are going to make the most of the market because of that. We need to do the same. We don’t need to go overboard, but some wise bargains will keep us on top.
  8. I think tonight can give a little food for thought though. Despite our team history of doing so, this team may have a hard time coming back from being two or more down. Admittedly only two games to show for that in the league this year, but we really got our heads down when we got behind. We just didn’t look like getting back into it at all. We’re short up front though. When it’s not clicking we need an alternative to shake it up. Origi isn’t it unfortunately.
  9. Charlton Heston though...
  10. New York Red

    The rugby

    They’ve got to find a way to expand the sport and embrace those nations. The IRB treats them like sh*t. The sport has so many outposts. South Africa, Georgia, Argentina, Japan, Fiji etc. it really is incumbent upon them to encourage countries to develop. Korea, Brazil, China, Russia, Germany, Nigeria would be prime candidates.
  11. God yeah. His son is an absolutely top man too.
  12. He had a trademark symbol next to his name.
  13. I loved it. That Tommy guy was one weird bloke.
  14. Is that poking your finger through the bog paper when you are wiping your ass?
  15. I was just thinking about the money being thrown around for players now. I can remember Spurs paying £200,000 for Martin Peters and thinking that was mental.
  16. That’s a very douchebaggy, American frat-boy name.
  17. Sure is. Visiting relatives in Toxteth.
  18. I always liked Rashid. He was a bit potty, but entertaining. Hang on Zoob, aren’t you in the States? Rashid is in London.
  19. Elf is a great Xmas movie.
  20. Clearly a popular guy in the locker room. Is he captain material?
  21. The grill is a bit unfortunate though...
  22. There used to be a mindset years ago that we’d get the great signing or two in the summer to replace the weakest one or two in the first team. It ensured us not standing pat with what we have and not stagnating. So, the line-up the other night was essentially our first team. Who could go? Who could we sign? Alisson Trent Gomez Virgil Robbo Hendo Fab Gini Mo Bobby Sadio Who would be the likeliest contenders for replacement?
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