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Man of the match


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f***ing funny, sad and typical that on the BBC live coverage where people can send sms/e-mails etc. there was a comment yesterday that "Lucas has to be the worst player on the planet based on his performance" or something along those lines. Now I see that he's actually in most people's top 3 in here.


Based on the comment I read yesterday I was half expecting that, ok, he's probably had a bad game after a couple of solid performances. But apparently he was one our best players, so you have to wonder why people have these idiotic agendas against our own players. Maybe it's like Rafa said, the brainless TV pundits form their opinions on set agendas and the sheep follow. Well he didn't say exactly that, but it's what he implied anyway. ;)


Sorry, obviously didn't see the game, so no vote from me!

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Well I thought Lucas was s****, no idea how people can rate that a MOM performance. In the first ten minutes he gave the ball away five times, needlessly leaving us unsettled. Took until the 40th minute before he contributed something positive. Unfathomable to me how people can see that as better than Benny or Kuyt. But there you go, lots of "LucasLove" about here I guess.


1) Benny

2) Kuyt

3) Skrtel

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