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  1. Havertz would be soooooo perfect for us
  2. Oh yeah! (Stolen from Macho Man Randy Savage)
  3. Hope the knee injury doesn’t stop his progression. Given, I only saw him in the preseason game, but he looked like he had all the tools to become a good striker
  4. Yeah, that’s who. Thanks. He looked really promising until that injury. Still doing rehab on that knee I presume.
  5. Was he the youth player who looked so good in preseason before getting injured?
  6. Beardsley


    I get the taste of vomit in my mouth as soon as Tyler does his “and it’s liiiiiiive”. Then a sudden urge to punch the TV emerges.
  7. The time for T-Rex in goal must cerainly soon be over.
  8. Zero shots so far. Needs to up the tempo and improve their passing
  9. New Paul Weller album. I'm there.
  10. Absolutely. The book is very good also.
  11. Have you seen Touching the Void?
  12. Yeah, I hope it's a myth. If not, that would show a total disrespect for manager, teammates, club and fans.
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