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  1. In the Curtis Jones thread, I suggested he should have a song by Jesus Jones. @Jarg Armani correctly said that’s not how it works and said Ian Rush then should have a chant by Rush. So, that got me thinking, what other songs could we have had through the years? I’ll start it off with Emlyn Hughes. The Osmonds - Crazy Horses
  2. Think Jesus Jones was mentioned a few times in one of their earlier songs
  3. New album from the funkiest grandfather in the universe, Bootsy Collins!
  4. If one of you football poets creates a song for him, it should be something by Jesus Jones.
  5. Perfect Maureen football. Park the bus and counter city off the ground.
  6. I wonder how Grealish survives everyday walking? He falls over for the tiniest of touches.
  7. Have we nicked Arsenals physio team? Can't remember the last time so many players got injured.
  8. The Athletic reporting we are NOT buying a CD in the January window!
  9. RIP you absolute legend. Far too early
  10. If you are into psychedelic prog rock or freejazz, check out elephant9. I went to one of their concerts and I was just standing there with a stupid smile (and reduced hearing):
  11. Wow. Sounds like The Stranglers playing Kraftwerk. Very cool.
  12. New season of His Dark Materials. Moves along quite well, but it might be neccessary to rewatch the last episode of season 1 since the first episode of season 2 jumps right in where season 1 stopped.
  13. Beardsley


    Meanwhile, in Italy... (Some bats*** crazy quotes from the club president there): Lazio is being investigated for using players who were positive for Covid-19. The 'Gazzetta dello Sport' even says that "the farce in Lazio has been unmasked", with the club and three players even being accused of criminally spreading the epidemic. Basically Immobile, Lucas Leiva and Strakosha were out of the Champions League encounter with Brugge, but then supposedly tested negative and went on to play against Torino (4-3 win), 3 days before the duel against Zenit for the Champions League returned t
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