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  1. He just signed up Origi to a new contract and has been praising Brewster; don't forget Brewster was going to leave but Klopp convinced him to stay - I assume on the basis that he was making room for him to play a part? If we don't play Brewster now, what will other up-coming players,like Hoever, think? I'm very much with Jim on this, Klopp's plan is something that might not work but I'm totally on board with. I'm really proud of us and what we achieved last year, I almost wish we could have six months football off to enjoy that instead of all this negativity back again so soon. f*** off with that, we're all supporting the same team here and all want the best of it
  2. Are you suggesting John Henry picked up the phone and leaked it? Southampton's complaint was that Klopp talked to the player without their permission, which he admitted.
  3. It was Klopp that f***ed that one up
  4. It's not just acceptance though, it reads as part of Klopp's creed - he's said several times that he wants a squad where there is room for players to develop
  5. I’d be surprised if anyone was aunty it
  6. The back injury play acting was during August, he didn’t get his move then. He started again back for us mid September. We agreed to sell early in January, nothing to do with the back. I had the sense Klopp couldn’t be bothered with him at that point, would be surprised if he took him back now.
  7. Kite

    The Youngsters

    Says on the Offal it’s serious, that they’re assessing it but it’s the knee apparently.
  8. If he’s wearing high heels when meeting Klopp, I will feel a bit unsettled to be honest.
  9. Teenagers are always spurting like that, apparently - definitely taller than Klopp anyhow so definitely very tall already
  10. Yeah it's frustrating how people, and the media in particular, let these things be distractions
  11. He’s off with no hanky panky Some bloke called bobby adeyanke
  12. We were referring to the number of games, if we have to pay 3million for a player who plays as often as a Souness, that's not bad business!
  13. Must be a typo, certainly bizarre otherwise
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