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  1. Was he fasting as well tonight?
  2. According to beIN sports, salah was kept in the dressing room and not taken to hospital and he was being responsive and chatty
  3. allawee

    Welcome VvD

    That defending by VVD when it was 1-1 was pure genius and as crucial as the goal we scored at the end. If they had scored, we were gone this season...as crucial as that
  4. Courtois won best keeper award but did not make the team and De Gea was chosen in best 11...very strange logic
  5. You never know, he signed off by saying I look forward to winning another one tonight
  6. Salah goal against Everton at anfield last year wins the Puskas goal of the year award
  7. City Liverpool Utd Arsenal Going down Huddersfield Cardiff Brighton Top scorer Aubamanyng First manager out Rafa will leave Newcastle League cup city Fa cup spurs European champions Liverpool Morinho to go by end of season
  8. Is the registration locked? Just tried and is not allowing me to join the league
  9. allawee

    Welcome VvD

    That is why we need a new goalkeeper.
  10. The best man won this year...gutted though..
  11. Just logged in and placed my banker again on the 2-0 scoreline! Even though it means personal glory, I still cannot bring myself to support them today! I hope they get thrashed. Still, I cannot believe I have a chance of winning it! Thanks Hassony
  12. 5 points the difference with the last round of games, could not be tighter and much more exciting than the PL...so nervous now!
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