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Seeing that he looks likely to be here for the duration and he's played a couple of cameos I have decided that this season I will be casting a discerning eye on the player and indeed the man they, and by they I mean Knox Harrington, call the Vog.


A catch up...


Spurs away. The vog got a 15 minute cameo in the game and was involved in a potential game changing moment when brought down for what was a stick on pen. Not given by chatterbox Dowd. If he wasn't so slow he would have just been through. But he is that slow. Despite being offensively permatan orange looking, made a positive impact in the time on the field. Pointiness rating low, though he was on the same field as pointiness maestro Robbie Keane.


Stoke, Home. Came on after the game was won. We scored another goal. Minimum Vog involvement though. Still offensively orange. Pointiness levels low.


Villa, Home. The Vog got on with 25 left. Played a key pass to Insua who squared to Torres to score. Did ok again. Still orange, maybe fading - this could be down to the floodlights though. Again, pointiness kept under control. I might be starting to warm to him.


Bolton away. Came on at 2-2. Set up a chance that Torres should have scored. Also involved in the most frustrating piece of play ever with Gerrard and Yossi. Did ok though.


Please feel free to add to Vogwatch. I am only 1 man.

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