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  1. Weird comments from Werner in today's press re. United
  2. Messiah is ok, couple of episodes to go. Not a patch on peak Homeland though. Just finished Power last night. Still one of my favourites. Onto Narcos and Snowfall next.
  3. Listened to my first ever podcast and found out that a fair number of people who were recruited from the UK and caught up in the Waco seige were recruited from Manchester and in particular the Old Trafford area. I always knew Nottingham was involved but the Manchester connection passed me by.
  4. What moniker do you think they'll use for us if we do go unbeaten and score 100+ given Arsenal are the Invincables despite drawing 12 (I think)? The Beasts? The Utopians? The Dreamteam?
  5. I'm hoping the Sexwhale is going to put up a link as good as the west ham game
  6. I hope not. I can just hear the agenda now. Liverpool can't even hold on to their top players when they win the league. The Big 2 of Real and Barca will always be the pinnacle. Complete codswallop but you know how it goes.
  7. He wasn't limping. Any chance it could just be the virus and he's about to boke? Fingers crossed
  8. So if we lose tonight you think it will start a chain of events that will see us losing 5 more and City becoming unbeatable again?
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