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  1. I had never really listened to the Doves so checked it out on Spotify. Didn't enjoy it at all. Like listening to Coldplay.
  2. f*** you he's no Lauren Koscielny, f*** you he's no Lauren Koscielny, f*** you he's no Lauren Koscielny, Motherf***er Ugh! I'll see your Take That and raise you a RATM
  3. Is Jota filling both of those last 2 slots or who have I missed?
  4. When They See Us and West of Memphis are both excellent documentaries on miscarriages of justice. Both heartbreaking yet not unbelievable.
  5. Given this Jota deal has come out of thin air is there any chance it's him AND Sarr if we're selling Brewster and Div?
  6. Thiago, Diogo, No-one told the Echo
  7. Tobes Rafa


    Method feeder with 2mm pellets and sweetcorn on the hook
  8. Tobes Rafa


    https://photos.app.goo.gl/cr5vbbiX1KQju2369 Well I got my first carp. Just a little mirror but a wee beauty none the less. I can feel the addiction kicking in.
  9. I still think he'll come and the supposed other outgoing deals will cover it. Gini staying doesn't improve us and we still need a midfield shake up.
  10. Fair point. Felt more like the final at that stage. Point stands though
  11. Because he played for Liverpool we know exactly how good he can be. He's also scored some very important goals in massive games for both Barca and Bayern. Flip the situation and ask why we would expect anyone to pay upwards of 30m for big Div after scoring 2 goals in the CL final cos he's done sod all else if we're honest to warrant that price tag.
  12. There's a regular shout of "call the coastguard" in our hilarious household
  13. My Pop used to always say "if I don't see you through the week I'll see you through the window" when we were leaving after visiting. I still throw it out there to the younguns sometimes for a nostalgia kick.
  14. At this stage I'd snap your hand off for Bale on loan
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