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  1. Reminded me of Dudek from Shevchenko in Istanbul.
  2. Absolutely loved Songhoy Blues so I'll be checking these out next. Floating Points are great but I'm not familiar with the others. Been listening to Four Tet - There is Love in You most of today and Floating Points do a great mix on that. There's another album for the best in 2010s actually
  3. I was worried about Leicester last year and we humped them to show them who's boss. While there's every chance we struggle on Sunday I have a feeling we'll do them again thanks to an unstoppable attacking performance.
  4. Congratulations Hass. Great news!
  5. Exactly what I thought about the guy who played Trump in The Comey Rule. It actually detracted from the drama.
  6. Those first 2 are brilliant so based on that I'm going to have to check out the 3rd on your list.
  7. I'm a bit like that with Jonny in Kobra Kai which I'm watching with the kids. You can tell he's got a good heart and he's heading in the right direction but he's easily led, even as an adult.
  8. No I just meant that 20% off 15 is 12, not 13.
  9. Sounds fantastic although I've never kept a houseplant alive in my life. Good luck with it, there definitely seems a lot of interest. The pedant in me has to tell you to check your maths though, just in case you use that discount % anywhere else less forgiving than the ynwa massive
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