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  1. Yeah. Picked it up yesterday on pink vinyl. Absolutely love it.
  2. What is the extra something you want from your second choice left back?
  3. How about Creswell as an uderstudy to Robbo? Could be relatively cheap if West Ham go down as hoped and very similar player to Robbo so wouldn't impact the shape too much when standing in for him.
  4. It seems wrong to post this while his team is getting humped, but I've always liked Van Aanholt as a player. Wonder how much he'd cost as competition for Robbo. Would fit our system perfectly too. I'm sure Roy would love Divock or Lovren in return.
  5. I'm loving this at the moment. First time I've heard of them despite them being mentioned a few pages back. Khruangbin - Time
  6. I've been going through a bit of a punk phase during lockdown which led me to watch a documentary on bbc4 on the Boomtown Rats. I've never really listened to a Rats album their early albums are actually pretty bloody good.
  7. I'm reading a Connolly at the moment (The Unquiet), having only read one of his before. It's good but I'm not blown away and hooked. Charlie Parker is a good character though. I'll check out the MW Craven books.
  8. Tobes Rafa


    That's just seating. Then you've got to think about beer and toilet queues, evacuation procedures etc.
  9. Tobes Rafa


    I work in a 12,000 seat venue and our seating manifest if following current 2 m guidelines would give us a capacity of only 1,000. One in 12 rather than 1 in 3. We could even open the doors for that number of people and make money.
  10. I'm doing 100 a day for a month. Not all in one go obviously. Started off on the 13th and I was pushing 10 in one go. Now up to 40 in one go and finishing the 100 in the hour rather than 10 every hour on the hour. Started elbows out but now alternating with elbows in as it's a different muscle set. It's mad how different one day can be to the next. Struggle with 20 in a row one day and do 40 with a clap in each the next. I'm definitely going to keep it up when the 30 day challenge is over. May also add chin ups like yourself next month as I've put up bars in the garden for the kids during lockdown.
  11. What about pushups/pressups? How are you at those?
  12. Just finished it and she is absolutely perfect. Stunning. I don't get the people who don't like BCS as its too slow or whatever other reason they come up with. It's just brilliant television and Bob Odendirk is a genius.
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