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  1. are you really all that sensitive? i have no duty to be wowed/impressed or made happy by a last minute comeback in the championship by a team everyone rightly expected to romp it. regardless of who manages them. i'm a liverpool supporter.
  2. the fans who watched him week in week out, yeah. if you want others there was tor-k karlsen on TAW comparing his ceiling to bale's. and jan hagen, portuguse football journalist talking him up. he was clearly considered a prospect at that time, whether you believe it or not.
  3. he has captained france. which is probably part of the reason why those who rate him said he could captain us. + the lack of any obvious candidates. what the majority of his own support thinks of a player is about the most reliable gauge there is, i'd say. the views on sakho on here (taken as a whole) tell you exactly what you'd need to know. the good and bad. from what i remember of looking at benfica forums, markovic was pretty universally rated. or at least seen as having big potential. favourable comparisons with di maria etc.
  4. when i say experts, i'm obviously not talking your level.
  5. doubt many on here will have seen enough to know. but their fans rated him very highly before we bought him. and there were a number of experts talking him up. so i'd say, yes he probably was. not really anything that odd in seeing potential stall like his might have though is there?
  6. who's the player or players we demonstrably can't do without? one of the reasons to be optimistic is that klopp has broken the reliance on individuals. or at least those we think are indispensable has become a fairly fluid thing.
  7. valencia are a vehicle for Jorge Mendes. majority of clubs on that list are very successful though.
  8. that marcus edwards who scored for them has been compared to messi by pochettino.
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