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  1. Hi all, MODS - I don't know if this is the correct forum to put this on, apologies if not but.... There is currently in production, a film about the life of King Kenny and there are certain scenes/situations that need to be re-created. For these we are hoping to use genuine LFC supporters if possible so if anyone knows of any of the following that they would be interested in or know someone suitable, please get in touch: None of these roles require acting skills and wont be filmed to show faces etc...more just silhouettes/from behind/neck down/ hands etc.... Kenny (aged 8/9) to play football in a 5 a side reconstruction - Must be good footballer with mousy hair 9 other kids (aged 8/9) to make up the 5 a side teams. - Maybe a local under 9/10 team? Kenny (aged 16-18) to recreate his first date with Marina. Marina (aged 16) to recreate first date with Kenny Kenny's Mum and Dad (aged approx 40) Kennys sister Carol (aged (19/20) Sean Fallon (Celtic scout, aged mid 40s) Again, please note that no acting skills are required. We also need a young person to sing YNWA - we will probably hold some sort of audition which will be filmed and possibly used in the film at some point - please note we are not necessarily looking for incredible vocals (although wouldn't rule anyone out). Its more just to get genuine young LFC supporters singing with feeling. Dates and locations for auditions will be confirmed soon. And lastly, we really need the use of a flat to film a reconstruction scene of Kenny being approached by Celtic scout Sean Fallon to sign for the club. Will be mocked up to look like late 60s. Sorry for the long post but this is a great chance for some genuine LFC fans to be part of a film portraying the life of a true legend. If anyone is a member on other forums please feel free to copy and paste this message there too. Finally, here is the email address to contact me on: kennyfilm2017@gmail.com Thanks all! Barry
  2. Van Dijk is choosing between us and Chelsea, how does that do you?
  3. https://www.change.org/p/recognition-for-services-to-liverpool-fc-celtic-fc-merseyside-charity-and-the-hillsborough-familes
  4. I remember that too. That was against Spurs as well, we were drawing 2-2 and he sprinted off whilst waving to all sides of the ground at the same time. Class.
  5. Same theme tune as Grange Hill wasn't it? With the 'running fingers along a comb' sound effect
  6. New ones coming in a couple of months. Hagi, stoichkov, weah, Pirlo among others
  7. Yeah I can be in work in 50 minutes and my Mrs starts her new job in twickenham which means she can be in her office in 20. Clocked the barmy arms in twickenham as a potential summer boozer Any others to recommend?
  8. Why would I have my house warming when I am in Basel??? And heironymous- builders is my local now. Had a quick one in there the other day, right up my strasse. Literally
  9. Very good chance. Was I complaining about house prices?
  10. Update - Found a smart little 2 bedroom house just off Teddington High Street which we move into next month. Thanks for all the advice chaps....much appreciated
  11. Teddington is great, if the right place is available when we move then would go there like a shot
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