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  1. drdooom


    2 meters distance to other people is closer than Finns are usually comfortable with And there are restrictions here as well. If your news says there aren't they're just wrong. They've just shut down any non essential movement in to and out from the Helsinki region since that's where the most cases are.
  2. drdooom


    A won't be realistic, it'll have to be B until there's a vaccine.
  3. drdooom


    Our local super rich guy got a 63 000€ speeding ticket a few years ago.
  4. Kitkat to Bounty is what Everton is to Liverpool.
  5. drdooom


    Gary Holt in Exodus was on tour in Europe early last month. He felt ill after returning to the US after everything was cancelled and got the positive result yesterday. He says it took 11 days after he was tested to get the result and that he's already started feeling good again before even getting the result. With that kind of lag even for people who actually get tested, who knows what's really going on there.
  6. drdooom


    Try broccoli.
  7. These two together is always a good time.
  8. California deem gun stores non essential and order them to close. The NRA sue to have them declared essential. Priorities.
  9. drdooom

    Apocalypse Playlist

    I Respect Your Feelings as a Woman and a Human - Anal c***
  10. Wow full version of That One Night.
  11. TED NUGENT: DONALD TRUMP Is 'The Greatest Leader In The History Of The Human Experience' So now we know. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ted-nugent-donald-trump-is-the-greatest-leader-in-the-history-of-the-human-experience/
  12. drdooom


    Fingers crossed, Sammy.
  13. Last Curb episode was great.
  14. That guy who drank chloroquine after Trumps advice lost his life, so there's that.
  15. Hey now. https://www.cbr.com/grrm-coronavirus-more-work-on-asoiaf/
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