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  1. Feels like that's been the question every week this season.
  2. I suspect those trying to learn how to masturbate without a foreskin must be the most motivated people in the whole world.
  3. drdooom


    Can't remember hearing about one single football player or other athlete that's tested positive getting seriously ill either.
  4. The Democrats should use those people in attack ads against Trump.
  5. I for one am happy to still have my foreskin. I don't mean to brag but I think I keep it pretty clean even with the foreskin still attached.
  6. Doesn't wireless cause autism though?
  7. I think he didn't know about the camera in the hotel room when he said that. I wonder what his thoughts on the matter are today.
  8. Pretty sure he must have actually played himself in Extras.
  9. drdooom


    Were they even able to do 100k tests a day in the spring or is that some sort of estimate?
  10. Investing in euthanasia is a sure way to make a killing.
  11. The KLF is supposed to not be available anywhere aren't they? Like they deleted their back catalog as a part of the whole art project thing or something.
  12. Jimmy G not playing like an MVP either.
  13. Yeah I think Nick Mullens could do a better job at CB that Allen's done. If he sets foot on the field again today then that's proof he has all the dirt on Saleh.
  14. Niners stinking the place up.
  15. Alex Smith taking snaps for Washington again, that's nice to see.
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