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FC Twente vs Arsenal

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I don't know why you're all picking on SCS, not only has he obviously got the dutch lingo and accent off to a tee, he's gone a stage further, and mastered speaking English with a Dutch accent, it's f***ing astoundingly clever really when you think about it.


It's people like him that make you miss Spitting Image, they'd f***ing ruin him

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That's amazing. Okay, it may be kinda deliberate in that's he's talking to a Dutch tv station.


But the "what you call underdogs" line is astonishing. I was waiting for a "er, how do you say it... umby... umba... umbrella, no".

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It's not just the accent, he's talking in stunted English as well, like it's not his natural language.


My god the man is a thunderc*** of the highest proportions.


What you call...' underdogs ' ?



:lol: :lol: :lol: Give the that man a brolly - what a 24 carat c*** !

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