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  1. Hopefully, the walk from the away dressing room won't have taken too much out of the players. Looks like it's in the car park.
  2. £440,000


    Essentially, he just did.
  3. £440,000


    I reckon they've tranquilised him to stop him losing his rag.
  4. £440,000


    They should ask him if he thinks his actions were a good way to protect the Prime Minister's time. And if he was worried about his house in London bring targeted, surely you'd go and stay somewhere away from other members of your family, not with them.
  5. £440,000


    Could be any of them then.
  6. £440,000


    Johnson very specifically said that Cummings did what he did to try and stop the spread of the virus. That's entering into parallel worlds.
  7. £440,000


    Cummings to sack Johnson and take over as PM with immediate effect?
  8. £440,000


    So, he was essentially following the government advice!
  9. £440,000


    Pepe Reina tweeted in support of the far-right protests against the Spanish government's management of the crisis yesterday.☹️
  10. I wasn't here when he first became popular as a pundit/presenter, but it seems like he just had an ability to connect with people and he offered something different to what was on Spanish TV at the time. I think he loved Spain and that was clear, which didn't hurt his popularity. The Sid Lowe piece on him in The Guardian is great.
  11. An Everton-supporting mate here posted something on Facebook. Can't see him doing that for any other of our players. It's mad watching old matches and still feeling nervous even though you know what the result is.
  12. Spanish TV is showing the 84 final against Roma as a tribute. His death is front page news here. The papers are all Coronavirus and Michael Robinson today.
  13. He was loved here in Spain. He was pretty much the voice of football. Marca have a live reaction page - https://www.marca.com/futbol/2020/04/28/5ea7ddef22601d9b798b4592.html
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