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  1. I can do. Apparently if you plan for longer journeys and stop at rapid charger station, it takes 40-50 mins to go back to 80%, coffee and food break. Loads of vids on youtube doing range tests etc.
  2. I'm picking up the MG EV ZS on monday, hopefully, through salary sacrifice scheme. Works out 220 a month for me all in, insurance, servicing, tyres etc. I am paying 150 a month on insurance and tax as it is, plus 50 to 70 a week in diesel. The leasing company are installing a free 7kwh home charger. I have economy 7 so it will cost about to £2 to charge overnight. We also have the chargers at work so I will mainly charge there.
  3. DazzlaJ

    Swollen Gland

    Got a call from the Hospital yesterday, seems I am to be the subject of a write up in a medical journal. Fame awaits me!
  4. DazzlaJ


    YES f***ING YES!!!
  5. https://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-hybrid-al-e/ They get decent reviews and look really good. https://www.cyclingweekly.com/reviews/hybrid-bikes/ribble-hybrid-al-e You could always do a conversion on an existing bike, and get speeds above 15mph, not exactly legal, but fun!
  6. We've always given you this
  7. The moment when the wife comes home pissed and does a double back head flip through the flower beds. Not sure whether to feel ashamed or proud
  8. DazzlaJ

    Online Dating

    Get yourself some clippers, number 2 all over, beard and hair
  9. DazzlaJ


    Reading back through the early part of this thread has made me have a cry. To think of what we had to go through brought back a lot of bad vibes. 5 years on she is still clear and I got past my own little scrape with a tumor. I still remember the bubble that you end up living in. I remember praying, I am not religious, that god give the cancer to me instead of my wife. Then when I got a tumor thinking that I got what I wished for and my time was up. The mind can be a horrible thing sometimes. All the best to downunder and prayers with you. Try to stay positive, although it is f***ing hard to do.
  10. DazzlaJ

    Kenny Dalglish

    That goal against the mancs just after 12 minutes was f***ing superb How the f*** did he score that one against palace just before 20 minutes. And the goal at 42 minutes against Arsenal? 43.55, seems he liked that finish, same 44.40, 48.45 46.40 derby goal.... Damn What a montage
  11. Who are you and want do you want?
  12. The only hope being that we need the money for the huge transfer
  13. Do you think Klopp would've been talking to him if that was the case?
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