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  1. Dont get me started. We're in Essex, get put in Suffolk EJA league and there is 1 team in Norfolk that gets put in same league. At least it's out of the way and a 6-0 win to boot.
  2. Was good listening to Five Live during a 250 mile round trip for an U13 league fixture, think I would've crashed listening to Tyler
  3. DazzlaJ

    The cricket

    What a f***ing poxy decision
  4. DazzlaJ

    The cricket

    WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY Been t****** all afternoon
  5. DazzlaJ

    The cricket

    Rashid noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. DazzlaJ

    The cricket

    slot ball Highlights of the 100, all slot balls
  7. DazzlaJ

    The cricket

    Allowing them to swing
  8. DazzlaJ

    The cricket

    Yorkers, yorkers, yorkers
  9. DazzlaJ

    The cricket

    Archer keeps his foot in line the ball flight changes, even by millimetres. No one can say it would be out
  10. Well we did for a year and won a league
  11. I lease mine through salary sacrifice and I pay 220 a month all in, servicing, tyres, brakes etc. and insurance. Costs me £3 to fully charge overnight and nothing on the chargers at work. On my Audi I was paying £120 a month just for insurance and tax, doing at least £60 a week in diesel plus paying for everything else which I mentioned above.
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