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  1. Thanks for posting that Jonesy and thanks to everyone for sharing their memories here. It got a bit dusty in the house reading it through. Whilst everything after the service is private, as per mum and dads wishes, I will be heading into sandbach afterwards to raise a few jars so I will hopefully see a few of you then. I've reserved a number of seats in the church for ynwa and our matchgoing mates as we don't know how busy it will be. If you're deffo coming though can you let me know so we have a seat reserved. Thanks to you all once again for your unwavering support and help over the year
  2. Well I thought I was doing ok in dealing with it all until I saw such lovely memories and thoughts from you lot here and on Facebook. It means a lot to me personally, and the family, to see so many tributes from those who met or remember engaging with him. I don't think I've cried this much since Hodgson was appointed. In all seriousness, Steve introduced me to the YNWA community (begrudgingly, as he thought I'd embarrass him - which I think I did a job of in relationship type threads), and due to his broke student lifestyle and me being the older brother with a job who'd happily bankroll
  3. Thanks again all. We are still awaiting all test results but with only one case open over there, and the location etc we are fronting up to the fact we will be getting him home at last. We are staying at the folks and everyone is in good spirits all things considered. Without the fog of 'what ifs' as we have had for the past 11.5 years etc we are all sharing happy memories that used be difficult to tell without tears etc, and my son has spent the day playing Star Wars with his cousin and shooting my dad with spaceships. Very much like me, tony and Steve did years ago. I will post more when I
  4. Of course not chris, I have a couple of mates at the echo so will be chatting to them about all of this anyway, as soon as we have something definitive to chat about.
  5. Hi everyone. Sorry that I'm only just replying. I lurk more than I post since I got married and had a kid. My spamming internet time has reduced from about 12 hours a day to around an hour if I'm lucky. With regards to the very recent news, we have been through this as recently as last week where a different skeleton was washed up on a beach in / near malia. Like then we have to wait for results. The only difference is that this time there were other artifacts found alongside the remains. That said, none of them are immediately or obviously identifiable as being Steve's We just have to ho
  6. I've just seen him and a couple of suits coming out of piccolino in Stockton Heath. Might be on their way to Charlie Clowns for afternoon tea now
  7. We are pretty f***ing ace under klopp aren't we. Whither the transfer committee talk this season?
  8. We could do with a spare just in case he breaks
  9. Rag-Nar What is he good for Absolutely Klavan
  10. That's lovely that is edit: since when did the macca3 thing change?
  11. He would be better getting his head down than throwing his toys out. He's on the verge of missing out on something special. Not the mr tumble show fwiw
  12. waiting for the single black sock partner to be announced so we can spin the 'never w*** alone' angle
  13. We should get on to Rigobert Song for some solid leads on who we can pitch this to
  14. He is not vocal, he has poor concentration and he doesn't organise and these are key elements in a keeper for me.
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