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This is a bit of an extension of a discussion I was having with some friends (yes I have friends, feck off Kahnee) the other day in the pub.


Which players in Liverpool's squad do you really like? Now this isn't the same as who is the best player in the squad, but more about the players that you love to see do well.


For me there's a couple. I like Arbeloa alot. I think he's a really good rightback. Has had some big games against really good players (Ronaldo, Messi etc) and I respect anyone who can be the first to celebrate a goal with the scorer regardless of where he was on the pitch when the ball went in.


Riera is another I quite like. I think the way he helped guide Insua through those first few games was brilliant; constantly talking to him, reassuring him etc. Exactly what you'd like to see from an experienced player.


Probably the main player in the squad for me though is Dirk Kuyt. I absolutely adore him. I can sort of understand those who talk about his shortcomings, but despite that I can't help but like him. Scores massive goals. Has balls of steel. Would die for the club (and then would probably still keep going).


An honourable mention (for a past player) to Luis Garcia who could do no wrong in my eyes.

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