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  1. Which of the forum ‘legendz’ was Buxton then? L4Lad? Continuing this theme didn’t I read on here before about Rashid also gaining quite the Twitter profile? KAMF’s point about here (and Koptalk back in the day) being a finishing school for certain figures was a little too on the money!!! Doesn’t get the credit he deserves. There’s a certain strand of major modern political careers built on that model. Where would Trump, Johnson et al be if it wasn’t for…
  2. Yep. Going back to what I said previously in this thread it has a lot of the hallmarks of just being stage managed. But I suppose it depends on what you believe. If you believe that one of the most organised clubs in the Premier League is surprised by these developments then I can see why you'd blame the player. If on the other hand the lack of contract discussions could be down to a non publicised decision taken by the club because they think he's no longer worth that level of investment (maybe, for example, their analysis is showing his pace is diminishing) then all this is broadly playing out to the club's design.
  3. The direct replacement (in terms of minutes and games used) may end up being Firmino for next season, especially if we are signing another forward.
  4. Fair enough. But there's a lot more articles where those came from. It was being picked up via Portuguese/ Columbian reports throughout November and especially December fwiw. https://www.google.com/search?q=diaz+transfer+liverpool&rlz=1C5CHFA_enIE716IE717&tbs=cdr%3A1%2Ccd_min%3A11%2F1%2F2021%2Ccd_max%3A12%2F31%2F2021&sxsrf=ALiCzsYJ4eFUO4a3UcXExanJ8EcpgCVm4A%3A1654089045001&ei=VGWXYuLEPI-ca5LWkvAB&ved=0ahUKEwjivtDvqYz4AhUPzhoKHRKrBB4Q4dUDCA4&uact=5&oq=diaz+transfer+liverpool&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAMyBQgAEIAEMgYIABAeEAUyBggAEB4QCDIGCAAQHhAIMgYIABAeEAgyBggAEB4QCDIGCAAQHhAIMgYIABAeEAhKBAhBGABKBAhGGABQAFjfA2CjImgAcAB4AIABlQWIAZYUkgEDNS00mAEAoAEBwAEB&sclient=gws-wiz
  5. November 2021 - https://www.si.com/soccer/liverpool/transfers/reports-suggest-liverpool-are-set-to-sign-portos-luis-diaz October 2021 - https://www.liverpool.com/liverpool-fc-news/transfer-news/liverpool-champions-league-lionel-messi-21744650
  6. Reckon there's a good chance we have a deal lined up alright. But for almost every player we sign it is known we are interested well in advance. That includes Diaz. The only two exceptions I can think of were Fabinho and Jota.
  7. Yep... noticed that quote too. Reckon it was a slip as it was pretty quickly glossed over.
  8. Anyone else think the way the whole Mane thing is playing out is little more than stage management or is it just me? MarkD had this in January. It hasn't looked like there has been any serious attempt at negotiations between Mane and the club. Someone else has said Mane's people were saying their goodbyes at the Wolves game. Possibility there's some finer details on the fee etc to be worked out but I reckon this deal has been all but in place for quite some time now.
  9. Think it's fair to say that line has definitely come from the club. But just to provide some context around this (if we're taking it at face value), this is roughly what this means (based on current currency conversion rates). 1. Mbappe - £947,000 pw 2. Messi - £626,730 pw 3. Neymar - £557,884 pw 4. Ronaldo - £550,384 pw 5. Iniesta - £474,038 pw 6. De Bruyne - £428,076 pw 7. Pogba - £412,884 pw 7. Lewandowski - £412,884 pw Again if taken at face value, it would certainly seem we are talking about around £400k+ as has previously been briefed. However, as we already know and that article from James Pearce makes clear, lot of incentives built into our contracts. So I'd imagine that the club are calculating the numbers 'demanded' based on certain assumptions included. For example these might include win bonuses based on our success this year and potentially also goal and assist bonuses based on Salah's figures for this season (or a different calculation - I don't know). (Footballer wage figures sourced from here - https://squaremile.com/sport/five-highest-paid-football-players-2022/ Converted the annual US$ figure to ST£ and then divided by 52 weeks).
  10. He also turns 29 this summer… if we’re going to be spending circa £100m on a player you’d have to expect they’ll have resale value.
  11. Latest Forbes World Soccer Value List has us 4th most valuable club in the world. Mind you it loses a bit of credibility when it has Everton as more valuable than Leicester or West Ham. 1. Real Madrid £4.5b 2. Barcelona £4.1b 3. Manchester United £3.65b 4. Liverpool £3.53b 5. Bayern Munich £3.39b 6. Manchester City £3.37b 7. PSG £2.54b 8. Chelsea £2.46b 9. Juventus £1.95b 10. Tottenham £1.87b 11. Arsenal £1.63b 12. Borussia Dortmund £1.43b 13. Atletico Madrid £1.19b 14. AC Milan £950m 15. Inter Milan £790m 16. Everton £746m 17. Leicester £734m 18. West Ham £714m 19. Leeds £635m 20. Aston Villa £595m
  12. Went back and checked the media coverage around the time of Mane’s actual contract renewal in November 2018 (as opposed to the speculation leading up to it)… the consistent figure mentioned was actually £150k per week. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/nov/22/sadio-mane-liverpool-contract-five-years
  13. Don’t believe that at all… if you look at his career history tab they’re effectively saying he went from £90k per week to £100k per week. If you remember the lengthy discussions on his contract renewal back then, along with the regular media reports around it I don’t think all that led to a £10k bump at the end. Here another source which has a different set of figures entirely -https://salarysport.com/football/player/sadio-mané/ At the time he was reported as getting around the same as Firmino (£180k per week) and Salah (£200k per week). I wouldn’t be surprised at all if our contracts were structured so that wages grew over the length of the contract, rewarding loyalty effectively. I also reckon all our contracts are heavily incentivised so the base pay is only a part of the full package really.
  14. Thanks Tosh, think that’s the post I was referring to alright.
  15. There is some speculation that Jurgen wants to refresh his forward options this summer. There are also rumours of us maintaining interest in Darwin Nunez and Nkunku. There was even a Portuguese report/ speculation a few weeks ago that Nunez was turning away other clubs as he has agreed a deal with Liverpool. Plus, wasn’t someone on here suggesting a few months back that they had heard Mane was off and we’d already agreed a deal with a top European club? At least I think I read it here. All that would very much tie in with the noises coming from Bayern or PSG (who supposedly are open to offers for Neymar). The whole talk of renewal around Mane’s contract has come across as a bit too much like lip service imo. Think it only came on the radar in April really and the latest brief a couple of weeks back seemed to be ‘open to renewing but won’t go much beyond his current £200k per week’. Compare this with the Salah contract saga or even Mane’s previous renewal 3 or 4 years back… his was the most protracted at that time. So I think there’s a good chance Hassony is right. I know this is verging on heresy but I also think getting one more season out of Salah might be what the club has in mind anyway. The only question mark is whether they are banking/ need his transfer fee this summer. If the latter is in the mix Salah’s comments today might be an attempt to call their bluff.
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