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  1. We’re certainly carrying Bobby on current form. Hasn’t really played consistently well for quite some time now (ie possibly even before the original lockdown). Don’t know what it is but he keeps fluffing even relatively simple passes and his touch/ control doesn’t seem as sure as it was previously. In a less noticeable way see also Trent. Like Jota a lot and I’d have him in the team on current form. But that probably means Jota on the left and Mane given a free role. Which may be no harm actually.
  2. I think he goes out of his way to criticise us during games. Constantly painting things bleakly. He’s overly negative about some aspect of our performance practically every match.
  3. Maybe this is wishful thinking but I thought the reason we weren’t going for a CB (or a CF) was because we had specific, longer term targets in mind.
  4. I thought he played like someone who was trying to shake off the flu. Several of them did in fact.
  5. He did in fairness. I was listening to some of the game on the radio and he was co-commentating in Newstalk over here. While I don’t agree with him at all, he was making the criticism about Thiago not being able to tackle as soon as he came on - so a good bit before the penalty.
  6. Was reading a piece earlier suggesting that Lampard had ‘changed his mind’ about Rice on the back of their game against us at the weekend. They were going to try to sign him but now want to play him as a midfield anchor. Was also hearing a bit about Lampard telling some of their big signings he just trusts them to get on with it or something along those lines. If this is the tactical approach he’s implementing he’s going to get caught out fairly quickly I’d have thought.
  7. Re Fekir, it clearly came down to who was going to sort out the agents. Doku being made available by Anderlecht for €30m plus a season long loan. BNB may well be proven right there too.
  8. France Football also seem to have suggested we are talking to Barcelona about a loan for Dembele.
  9. Seems to be on the verge of signing for Derby now.
  10. Again I’d say if Origi and Brewster go, someone else is coming in.
  11. Agree with that. But also don’t think we were AS pushed about it as we were made out to be. To be fair his clause did have a specific date it had to be activated by. As we’ve seen with the Messi situation that can be a legitimate concern if you really want to move.
  12. This was reported as a solid link at the start of the window or whatever. It just looks like a definite one for us. He’s young too so wouldn’t take up one of those 17 non English trained spots.
  13. And wasn’t it posted here too that his injuries are down to a lack of proper physical training at Barcelona? It certainly rang true. It was also reported we were in for him the day news about us having Fekir ‘lined up’ broke in the French media, which was around the CL semi against Roma if I remember correctly. That said, Sport is Barcelona’s version of the Echo so they are probably just looking to see if there are any buyers and using our alleged link to drum up buyers.
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