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  1. I think there was a slight evolution in terms of game management. We got better at just playing out time while maintaining a lead. More comfortably boring when we want to be. Which was a vast improvement on last season when we’d start conceding chances (and goals... Fulham away) when we started trying to play the game out. But take your point on a broader level, that side of our game aside I don’t think we’ve really changed and definitely agree a few things have bounced for us this season that went the other way last.
  2. I don’t think Pearce is as well briefed by the club as he used to be. A lot of his stuff (and this pre-dates his move to The Athletic) reads like you said, as an opinion. In fact some of it seems fairly speculative at times. Hedges his bets until there is a specific position. Not saying he doesn’t get some insight, just not as much as he had in the past. My oracle of choice these days is definitely Joyce.
  3. You would wonder if this has implications re Gini though
  4. That’s potentially a fantastic signing if it goes through. Supposedly was on the verge of signing a new contract with Bayern not long ago but it then just came to a halt... guess we must have stepped in. Klopp has been a big fan for years. Remember him praising Thiago a few years ago and I think it was suggested before he was one of his favourite players in the German league. In other news Leon Bailey being linked with ourselves, both Mancs and a couple of other Premier League clubs. Suggestion he’s available for £20- £30 million. Is/ was the fastest player in the Bundesliga. From what I’ve seen he’s a bit hit and miss, not a guaranteed starter for Leverkusen. Ahhh so that’s our ‘glamour’ signing for our new sponsors... any chance they’d have a word in Sancho’s ear while they’re at it?
  5. They’ve been strongly linked to Coman from Bayern as his replacement Is that how that ended up... I thought Juventus were supposed to be giving Barcelona some money on top as Arthur is younger and Barcelona need cash to buy Martinez.
  6. I’ve seen more clear cut goals without any danger of offside getting the analysis treatment. I think it was enough to warrant a look at the very least. Why not look at the body positioning? Firmino’s shoulder was ‘offside’ against Villa. Edit - sorry I guess you mean the Brighton defender’s body position. I do think it was worth doing the lines.
  7. Weird that they didn’t even show that angle at half time. I thought he looked well off and Sky didn’t even analyse it for whatever reason
  8. Seen some suggestions that clubs like City and Chelsea will be using the relaxation of FFP to go on a bit of a splurge. This piece from David Conn seems to suggest that the rules will be considerably eased this year. At the same time we’re obviously pushing a ‘keep the belt tight’ line when it comes to our own strategy. Curious what everyone thinks about that? If FFP isn’t really going to apply, is following it still the correct thing to do? ***** Owners of top clubs will temporarily be permitted by Uefa’s financial fair play rules to put more money into their clubs, to cover increased losses caused by football’s shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Uefa announced a series of “emergency measures” to acknowledge that clubs competing in the Champions League and Europa League, who must comply with FFP “break-even” limits, cannot do so this season because of drastic losses caused by the shutdown. The principles accept that clubs can make losses greater than the permitted €30m over a rolling three-year period, and that owners can cover those losses. Uefa stressed, however, that it was still committed to encouraging good financial management by clubs, and the measures were aimed only at “neutralising the adverse effects of the pandemic”: lost ticket income while matches are played behind closed doors, and the potentially major loss of some TV, commercial and sponsorship income. The current rules, intended to encourage clubs to live within the money they make and not pay excessive wages to players, limit clubs’ maximum losses to €30m over a three-year period, as long as €25m of that loss is covered by an owner. The new measures state that the current 2020 financial year will not be assessed at all under FFP procedures, and will instead be rolled up into 2021, and the two years assessed together as a single financial period. Uefa sources confirmed that clubs would be allowed losses in excess of €30m as long as they show this was caused by falls in revenues because of the shutdown. Clubs will be able to cope with their own increased losses however they responsibly can, including by owners putting money in, either in loans or shares. Uefa said these emergency measures were intended to “give clubs more time to quantify and account for unanticipated loss of revenues”.
  9. Based on how we play, if we’re taking someone on loan from Barcelona at a reduced loan fee, I’d much rather it was Dembele for the season ahead. We need cover for the two wide lads of a similar level. Whether you believe Coutinho is still as good a player as he was or not, he never had that raw pace or dribbling ability ala Mane and Salah. Edit - I would be fairly concerned about Dembele’s injury record though.
  10. Here’s what she wrote in her piece earlier. “Sources in Germany indicate to The Independent that Werner’s salary will rocket in excess of £10m a year, with a fee of £12m going to his agency.” She also tweeted his salary has been trebled. But I’m guessing that includes the signing on fee too.
  11. People are discussing possible transfers and/ or a lack of transfers in a thread called ‘Transfer Window Speculation’ on a football forum. I really don’t see a problem with that.
  12. No. But I was for a little while a long time ago. I do work in communications these days so would know a bit about briefings etc.
  13. Sure and I’m pretty quick to cite the Ward example too. But when the club says they’re keeping their purse closed it has seemed to be accurate and that has been the consistent briefing in the last couple of months. The only thing that stopped it being regarded as the definitive position was that it wasn’t Joyce who wrote it (I think).
  14. I’d love you to be right. But usually when we claim frugality we seem to follow through on it. Last summer Klopp had a deal lined up to sign Guerreiro and we didn’t go through with it because we didn’t see the point in spending the money on left back cover. This seems like the same principle being applied. Reports over the last couple of days was that was what he’d agreed with us.
  15. The suggestion is that we didn’t want to spend the money on Werner given the financial uncertainty for next season. Really not sure that’s going to play if other clubs are making big moves. Mancs continue to be linked with Sancho and Havertz at this time - reckon they have Sancho sorted if they get Champions League football for next season. Also the fact that Werner’s clause was met, while still representing a good value fee for a striker, will probably help settle the market a bit. Maybe there won’t be as much discounting now as was previously expected.
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