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  1. Few factors to consider here if you want to consider the numbers a true representation As you say you test more people you’re going to find more cases. But also have to remember the test doesn’t pick up all positive cases (60-70% ‘sensitive’). What this means is a negative test doesn’t mean you don’t have it. This is proving a real problem in reality as there are patients who act like COVID patients, have the blood profile and the imaging of COVID patients but multiple swabs come back negative. In a small number it’s needed 3 or 4 swabs to get a positive result. What this means is the case numbers are going to be underestimated further still. Remember also we’re only recording deaths where they managed to get a positive swab before they passed away. Overall the numbers will give you trends but just be aware there are likely to be many more patients
  2. Don’t mean to worry you, apologies if I have Remember roughly 90% don’t need to go to hospital. Suggest you take it easy and wish you both a speedy recovery
  3. Sorry I’ll be clearer! Although don’t know if I’m doing more harm than good by piping up
  4. Really glad to hear he’s stable Getting better than drastically worse is something I’m seeing - paper in the Lancet suggested the deterioration is due to a large immune response. This is thought to happen when viral load decreases
  5. Can understand it, the medical services are so stretched they’ll become much less effective. Hospitals are likely acting as large vectors for transmission
  6. Good luck sammy really hope he gets better soon
  7. Seeing previously fit people in their 30s get admitted to ITU. Most are over 50 I should add
  8. Hope you’re doing alright Enjoy the time off - I found big breaks without my phone were helpful
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