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  1. f***ing hell never thought this day would come congrats everyone!!!!!!
  2. Need 5 wins from 7 for 101 points and the points total record (or 4 wins and 3 draws)
  3. I would like to register for the Dejan Lovren pile on please
  4. Yeah we were much worse after Keita and Firmino came off
  5. Most of our chance creation comes from full back - surely back up in those positions should be a priority in the transfer market? Totally different team when we have Milner or Gomez there
  6. Yeah very few new COVID cases. Number of confirmed cases in the hospital down from over 250 to 20
  7. My antibody test (blood test) was negative which I was surprised at given the degree of exposure. Apparently positive antibody rate in hospital staff where I am is only 16%
  8. Logic says he did the dirty on us, he’s getting older and we shouldn’t go back But if he signed I’d be ecstatic, as a player I love him
  9. Complete pseudoscience with no evidence to back it up. Can cause catastrophic injury to vital vessels and nerves in the head and neck (have seen vertebral artery dissection secondary to chiropractic manipulation first hand) Example here https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/11/11/bank-manager-died-left-broken-neck-following-session-chiropractor/ Decent article from the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/oct/18/osteopaths-chiropractors-back-pain-whose-spine-is-it-anyway Physio is the way to go
  10. BBC have issued an apology for newsnight last night - from what I can see having watched the whole episode they simply described events factually. I honestly can’t see where the issue is. The apology also makes no sense.
  11. It’s a horrible situation when you’re saving this guy over sending out the right public health message. Sums up where the intention is, they don’t give a f***
  12. Not saying that at all. Overall you’re dealing with a low risk population, 181 COVID patients between 20-39 have died in the UK compared with over 13,000 over the age of 80. For the vast majority of players there should be no problems and if they can adhere to strict lockdown precautions you hope there is little risk to their families. The main risk is likely to be in between games given it is prolonged exposure that has a higher risk of transmission and why it is not really comparable to going to the supermarket. PCR testing will help but it is not gospel, despite what the Daily Mail says. Players deserve to be listened to and those who are at higher risk counselled about the risks clearly by the Premier League. The data is starting to come in, they featured a preliminary study from Oxford in a recent BMJ podcast which looked at data from millions of people’s GP records and saw that BAME is a definite risk factor for death independent of other medical conditions and socioeconomic status. I don’t think it is wrong for players at risk to be concerned and to be listened to. I’m more cautious because I’ve seen first hand young people with no pre existing conditions end up in ITU. Even if people survive we’re now seeing some develop lung fibrosis which will affect them long term.
  13. Sorry it is not a guesstimate, it is based on multiple validated studies. Asymptomatic sensitivity is likely to be LOWER not higher due to a reduced viral load in these people. The limit of detection of the PCR test is set to avoid false positives so will miss cases of lower viral load. It’s not surprising the Daily Mail will support getting people out of lockdown, it’s just dangerous b******s
  14. What? Explain patients testing positive on their third swab.
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