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  1. Lallana Norwich Lovren Dortmund Benteke Palace Why can I only remember 15-16? Honestly couldn’t tell you another one
  2. I can’t. He could have easily given a free kick for the high boot that came in on Konate even if it didn’t make contact but you won’t hear that on MOTD. They lost to our reserves and deservedly so. They have overspent on FFP and still have a s*** squad and will deserve the points deduction that comes their way. s*** team, s*** manager, s*** fans.
  3. Just went onto Twitter for the first time in a while. Wow. Praying for a Forest 10 point deduction and relegation at this point
  4. Yeah its a shame as he was brilliant before the injury
  5. Agreeing with Jamie O’Hara here what’s going on. Is it trolling or are these opposition fans genuinely stupid enough to not realise we’ve been on the wrong end of the worst VAR decisions this season?
  6. He’s phenomenal. Endo Mac and Dom would be a great 3 to face City with
  7. Not in good form but all of our forwards have had times of poor form. He’ll come good again
  8. I’m ok with the first VVD goal being disallowed because I understand the rationale (maybe that’s because we won anyway and a bit of extra time turned out to be fun) The Caicedo-Gravenberch one though - can’t understand how that wasn’t a red. Caicedo’s a bit rubbish isn’t he?
  9. Don’t see how Nagelsmann would work as he is going to be with Germany for the Euros and we are going to need to be sorted before then
  10. Given how things were at half time this has been a massive 45. Some really good performances out there
  11. Not sure about that Bradley sub with the game so tight (just realised how crazy that is to say)
  12. Early Gerrard out there helping us turn this round. Would love him to get a goal
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