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  1. Stop bumping this nightmare
  2. Get Thiago back and we can build on this - Big Joe Gomez is looking more settled
  3. €25 for a bobble hat https://www.jdsports.ie/product/red-nike-liverpool-fc-bobble-hat/16037608_jdsportsie/
  4. Ethan

    Welcome VvD

    This feels like a death in the family
  5. Fabinho for their goal though - ffs
  6. Ethan

    EU Referendum

    Really? No deal is an abyss for the UK
  7. I'm seeing improvement in Taki, I think he's going to be a success here
  8. Presidential Covids, amazing Covids
  9. Wait, has Karius not gone out on loan again?
  10. Bad form there from Nike
  11. What's up with Bobby? He is so off his game right now.
  12. I have run that sim 3 times and each time landed Atletico in our group
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