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  1. If Spurs had lost today, it would've been interesting. I'm all for the "if we win 3 in a row..." thing. But we won't. We've bumped this thread and its nailed on that we'll lose at Leicester.
  2. Not at all. I don't want Pato. There's a reason why his club are so desperate to get rid of him and have happily loaned him to their bitter rivals.
  3. He does look lazy, the ball goes wide and instead of getting into the danger zone around the 6 yard box, he's a*sing about on the edge of the box. People say we should play to his strengths and cross to him. But he isn't even IN the box half the time. He's either loitering on the edge or drifting wide for no apparent reason. The rare occasions he IS in the box and we cross, he shows no aggression or desire to actually get to the ball. He looks uninterested, as though he doesn't want to be on the pitch. When he's stood 18 yards from goal while a low ball is flashed across the six yard box, I have to wonder what's going on in his head. The most basic instinct a remotely decent striker should surely have is to get himself near the goal and into areas where he can score the 'easy' goals. That's surely the bread and butter of any striker, the most basic thing you'd expect. And he doesn't even do that. I can't begin to fathom what's going on. But I know I don't want to see him playing for us at all. In terms of a Liverpool striker, in this team, my view is that he's sh*t and will never provide anything of much use to us. Would love to get £20m for him. I'd take £15m to be honest. Just get rid and bring someone in who wants to play, wants to score goals and shows it on the field.
  4. You don't think Villa would take him back? Assuming they still have the money, that is. Mind you, not sure he'd go back to them.
  5. Any chance this lad could help give us a bit of a commanding defensive influence in our box? Mignolet certainly wont, but maybe Caulker can. If he could be half of what Hyypia was, we'll be laughing.
  6. Despite a below par season, i still think Lacazette will go on to be a really good player. He's the one we could've done with instead of Benteke. I'd like to see us get him if possible, or someone like Icardi.
  7. The new TV deal doesn't mean a huge amount because everyone is getting a big bump in revenues. All it means is transfer fees & wages rise. Across the board. The only correlation between the new deal and us being able to spend more on transfers, happens in relation to us competing with foreign clubs in the market.
  8. It's an insane price. But I'm not complaining, it's the way football is now. We're extending the ground precisely to maximise revenues. That's not gonna happen with 14k new season tickets at £700 odd. So while £3k is stupid, I'm not going to slate the club for ripping people off on one hand while demanding shiny brilliant new players who cost fortunes on the other. I'll stick with my £700 odd season ticket in the Kop
  9. All of the hospitality £3k kind, right? Not actual normal ones?
  10. Haha. I hardly wrote him off. Not seriously anyway. I just said he looked abysmal in a warmup, where every piddly shot seemed to go past him.
  11. My biggest Benteke related memory from Arsenal away was the sitter he should've given Cech no chance of saving, being saved...
  12. Looks like Danny Ward could be in goal on Wednesday night. Mignolet apparently injured.
  13. Dont think he has the hunger or desire needed. He's like someone working in a call centre or something, not wanting to be there and just going through the motions until he can go home.
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