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  1. Mancs are bigging up their current front three. They maybe in some s*** financially.
  2. Happy Istanbul day. loads of articles today. But here’s Rafa https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rafa-benitez-liverpool-istanbul-anniversary-18297787 and the best Sky montage of all.
  3. It’s not bad having the pick of Werner, Havertz and Sancho in the succession planning of our current bunch.
  4. Think he’s quality and looks a bit of a winning moaner. Ideal.
  5. Watched the Beastie Boys documentary. Its not very revealing at all more a tribute to Adam Yauch. Though I did see Sigur Rōs in the Kings Theatre.
  6. Benzo-13


    Platinum-ed Spider-Man. What a game that is. Narrative, gameplay and setting all top marks.
  7. Benzo-13


    He’ll be playing for PSG and Real in an act.
  8. That’s Corbally Red lad. He’s not relenting on that cause.
  9. Actually it was an episode of Charlie Brown* that a cloud followed around himself! 😆😅 *Thanks Google!
  10. Yeah the bitterness stepped up. Though they’d a run of managers who were pals with Ferguson. I always remember running into Scouse girls in Cyprus 20yrs ago and when they found out me and my mate were reds they went a bit mad.
  11. Royle and then Moyes ruined them. Made them incumbent to the old beezlebub in Old Trafford. Became more in line with those then they did with themselves. While never thinking they could be them. I always compare them to the kid in Charlie Brown who it always rains on.
  12. Great fun. Nonsense though but needed something to replace those 90’s Bruckheimer flicks.
  13. Me too. Used to have that in the old espresso maker. I’ve gone all philistine since and moved to a Nespresso Vertuo.
  14. Benzo-13


    f***ing Z-Car c****.
  15. Always remembered they’d the sea level advantage at home too. Having good players obviously helped but I’ve seen teams just waste away v the Jazz. The Rockets being one.
  16. It was just great. I remember watching those games against the Jazz on tv and willing Jordan & the Bulls on. There was less mystique about those last episodes but in the end it was over so so quick.
  17. Maradona for me because he played in a lunatic asylum in Naples and carried a whole country to a World Cup plus he was mad out of it most of the time but still did the ridiculous. Jordan being just the outright best of the best in that era of Basketball when nearly every team had two or three stars. I remember watching as I used to play a lot in school but didn’t hit home how much apart he was until this documentary.
  18. Möller is a proper Michael Owen figure at Dortmund as he went on a free to Schalke.
  19. That got at me most on the night. In a night of utter frustration. The referee was utter balls too.
  20. Benzo-13


    I’d believe the 6wks more so If Bruce was making a come back.
  21. That we won’t get the big release? Yeah.. I think we’ll do it somehow though.
  22. Dirk was one of my favs. His last game for Feyenoord was a super way to sign off.
  23. Benzo-13


    Schalke’s keeper is a hologram.
  24. During this COVID time off me and a few mates have joined Untappd and have proceed to drink a crazy amount of new beers.
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