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  1. We do get a bit dossy when cruising. I’d say it does Klopp’s head in.
  2. Couldn’t believe he said that. Was proper s***ehawk stuff.
  3. Think Favre is crap coach. It’s a good place to go and watch a match though. Kind of like a Diet Coke version of Anfield.
  4. Schalke are a shambles. Up there with Hamburg as Germany’s worst run club.
  5. Think he’d be brilliant here. Him and Werner very similar. He’d be the one I’d want.
  6. This is a brilliant signing. One of the worlds best.
  7. This is a brilliant signing. One of the worlds best.
  8. It seemed a bit.. We want to sell players but they’re no takers for our fees We want to buy players but they’re all so expensive. 😕
  9. No it wasn’t. It was the season with Firmino & Mané. Then he buggered off halfway through Salah’s first.
  10. Yep. Love all three but age does catch up to us all. Have to future proof.
  11. No.20 please. It’s a bloody hard choice..
  12. He’s another one us Irish blundered on.
  13. Is it for the lack of crowds as being part of the PL draw and package??
  14. Randy Bullock’s kick.. 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Dunno but my fav goal is Chelsea and then Man U. He’s brilliant. Great to watch when he’s in full flight.
  16. All that money spent and that fool in goal. They’ll never change.
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