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Players who have Proved you Wrong

Leo No.8

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Everyone has their own favourite players and players the don't like so much, but one of the most irritating traits in any fan I speak to has to be the inability to hold their hands up and admit they were wrong about a player.


So who over the years has proved you wrong? Can people admit to their errors of judgement?


What got me thinking about this was watching Alonso totally boss the Madrid midfield last night, he was absolutely immense.


I would have let Xabi go (with somewhat of a heavy heart) for what amounted to a straight swap for Barry in the summer, yet he has comprehensively proved me wrong, and for me has clearly been our player of the season so far in 2008/09.


At this point I wouldn't swap him for any central midfielder in the game to be honest. I'd still like to see Barry who I rate really highly come next summer, but certainly not at the expense of Alonso and as more of a high class utility player.


Kuyt is another one I would have let go before Christmas 2007 when he was really struggling, but the change in formation and his move to the right rejuvinated him in the second half of last season and now he's a vital member of the squad.


I think in both cases I can honestly say it has actually been really enjoyable being proved wrong. Each is a fantastic professional and likeable individual who has deserved his success, and I'm so pleased they are flourishing here not somewhere else.


I can vaguely remember a few classics like that guy who said he watched Spanish football and Reina was rubbish, and there were a few who really didn't want Torres bought.


So who has made you eat your words either past or present players?

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