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  1. Redray


    I was planning to pay a visit to his place with family when this is all over. f*** that right off now.
  2. Redray


    The ball The ball We haven't touch the ball We won the league on a Thursday night And never touched a ball. This is the chant at concert square
  3. Redray


    Weirdest Thursday ever. YNWA everyone.
  4. Redray


  5. Well if that's the case it obviously isn't, I don't know about that. Still think it was an incredibly stupid thing to do.
  6. It's the very definition of a conspiracy theory. A secret plan to do something harmful. You do understand conspiracy theories can be true right?
  7. Yeah shows very poor judgement. What a time to take the focus off the Tories by peddling conspiracy theories. Way to go RLB.
  8. Redray


    All of what you say here has virtually nothing to do with the tweets from Simanowitz. I read through his thread. He is saying the leaked report states the r number might be above 1. Well that is not really hold the front page stuff. It was discussed at the same time publicly. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/coronavirus-r-rate-infections-edges-18423335 As the number of infections fall, r values become less reliable. The 7000 estimate is just lifted from the ONS 50k weekly estimated infection rate assessed last month. What else is he saying? Nothing. Infections are falling undeniably. Look at hospital admissions. Look at calls to 111 and compare these figures to 2 months ago. 4%-2% is the daily drop figure which is significant. There are different sources so look at the trends. I get he is an activist for Amnesty and Al Jazeera and wants to knock the Government but it isn’t difficult to finds stuff to do that. This was shoddy work by him.
  9. Redray


    All he is saying is; "Leaked 18/6 @PHE_uk COVID Situation Report says "we cannot preclude R being above 1” in England. It also estimates the daily infections at 7,000 not 1,346." Where is the story in that? Care to explain?
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