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  1. Redray


    I don't know what to make of it either. They are talking about new infections, so are they asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic? We already know there is an incubation period.
  2. Oh no that's so sad. I remember him on here well. YNWA
  3. Redray


    6 days I think. Do what we say not what we do etc.
  4. Redray


    Spain death figures sound terrible which of course they are but important to remember their infection rates have been falling consistently. So too Italy and a lot of other places. The death figures will lag for a few days yet but these countries have seemed to hit peak and are coming down other side. The US figures are alarmingly going through the roof still.
  5. Netflix. No, looked at Exorcist and just assumed it was going to be crap! Will give it a go.
  6. That was garbage I thought. Missus even watched Hill House with me and she hates horrors. She said the story-line of itself made it very watchable which I thought was a good point.
  7. Binge watched the first 7 episodes of The Haunting of Hill House yesterday. Put together really well, great acting and genuinely scary, though that might just be because its my type of horror. Real hair stands up on back of your neck stuff. Nearly switched it off half way through the first episode as it seemed it was going down the corny route but far from it. The perfect horror mini series.
  8. Anyone on this? https://www.bongosbingo.co.uk/press/45/lets-stream-bingo/ Think it started in Liverpool but was impossible to get tickets for and now has really taken off. Now free and interactive. We are having a go this weekend.
  9. Redray


    Bryan Swanson @skysports_bryan UEFA: Today’s conference call lasted just under two and a half hours. Not one association raised cancelling this season. European football still wants to finish current season - but only when safe to do so. UEFA spokesperson: “It is impossible to make a declaration about the end of the season when we don’t yet know when we can restart.” (1/2) “Once we have certainty on that, we can be more definitive about when to end the season.” (2/2)
  10. Redray


    Yeah it does seem that way now, far too much money to paid back by going down that route. You just wonder what will be the next obstacle to prevent us lifting it? An asteroid strike maybe.
  11. Redray


    I'm getting daily updates from India. They are on it out there. Anyone developing symptoms of CV is eligible for testing in principle. It's not practical for them to do anything else right now. Testing record is poor but they are catching up.
  12. Redray


    Ah, so sorry to hear that.
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