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What would you do if you managed England?

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Personally, I'd declare the golden generation a bust and go for something completely different. Not necessarily youth, but I think it's a problem that England produces all these players that aren't quite natural pass and move skilful types, but are used to playing with such players at their clubs. They don't know how to play the kind of football the player material England has dictates.


I'd go with:








I'd pick Carrick and Scholes because they've been apart from the Team England mentality for years, have played together for years and are the two best playmakers England have. I think that change would be strong enough to overcome the massive inhibitions England dons for major tournaments and just start getting them play actual passing football of the kind these players are used to at their clubs. Think it will free the shackles from the remaining attacking players a lot to have a central midfield in there who know what they are about on the ball and will set about keeping the ball flowing better than what England will be used to.


Oxlaide because he is young and hasn't been tainted by the England mentality. I think his devil-may-care attitude could be a real asset. And young because he is also a pass and move type of winger who will link up and help make others better.


The drawbacks? Well, it's weak defensively. No two ways about that. And scholes will need subbing. But with likes of Lampard and Parker are good enough to do that. It's something different though, which I think is needed to break team England out of their shell.


One of Carroll or Wellbeck to sub for Rooney while suspended.

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