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  1. It's a horrible injury. It's been 10 years and I'm still not able to run. Obviously I'm not an elite athlete.
  2. For the Evangelicals what should also be screwing with their heads is that Jesus is middle eastern with a Mexican name.
  3. https://chaser.com.au/general-news/iraq-launches-invasion-to-bring-democracy-to-america/
  4. It's not over until the scheduled number of overs to be bowled have actually been bowled.
  5. They're not too different. They're both central midfielders.
  6. But it's a hoax. It will be gone by April. Hope he continues his rallies and hugs all his fans and grabs them by the pussy.
  7. Hope this doesn't Kostas the league.
  8. That was the average age of a combat soldier in the Vietnam war.
  9. This City side is the most expensive squad in history. They were regarded as the best team in England at the start of the season. Winning this league with seven games to go is mind blowing. This squad of ours are by far the best in our history. To get 97 points last season, this team then had the tenacity to win the European Cup, The Super Cup and the Club World Cub and then win the league with seven games to play. Astonishing.
  10. Sky News Australia had her on the other day. Sky News over here is like Fox News. Daily Trump w***fests.
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