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  1. The transfer window shutting without him coming was an anticlimax.
  2. At a funeral a man sits behind the widow. The man leans forward and asks, “do you mind if I say a word?” “Not at all, please do", she replies. The man stands up and yells, “plethora!” and sits back down. “Thanks,” said the woman, “that means a lot.”
  3. If he gets injured we could just turn him off and then on again.
  4. The least oppressed group of people in history feel like their freedom is being taken away. I can't see this ending soon. They're f***ed.
  5. A disgruntled high ranking government official. These are everyday people. The bloke who's into Buddhism and Taoism lives a minimalist life and tries to live off his land as best he can with vegetables, eggs etc. But his hero is a conman in a suit.
  6. Yep. And Trump was only pals with Epstein so he could expose him. The riots at the Capitol was BLM and Antifa.
  7. JFK jr faked his death and will come back and save the world from the evil elite pedos who rule the world. Until then Trump is doing his work to destroy the deep state to prepare the world for the storm before the great reset and save the western world from communism. And some other crazy s***.
  8. I've lost three friends to Q Anon in the last year. The s*** they were sharing is bats*** crazy. The lengths they go to defend Trump or make excuses for his actions and words is quite frightening. One of these people claims to be Buddhist, but would like to get a gun and prepare for the great reset. It's a cult.
  9. UK man accused of posing as NHS worker and charging elderly woman for fake COVID-19 vaccine http://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-10/man-gives-elderly-woman-fake-covid-19-vaccine-at-home/13045794 Humans are a more destructive disease than Covid.
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