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  1. RBM


    FA wants WSL complete by August
  2. RBM


    We have had this for the last week. Senior managers fighting the board to get people sent home, with board members doing everything possible to sabotage home working to force people back in. One of my colleagues has been screamed at by a board member this morning for sending someone home who was designated as vulnerable for a part of the operation that can’t home work. People’s priorities are f***ing warped.
  3. RBM


    Just found out I may have been exposed to it. No symptoms so far fortunately.
  4. RBM

    Looking after ourselves

    Working from home from tomorrow with the kids off going to need something stronger than spirits, thinking of developing a massive skag habit
  5. RBM


    I think the sooner football is back (behind closed doors) the better. If it’s on everyday or every other day, it might keep some of the morons currently out and about at home.
  6. RBM

    Some RIPs

    Kenny Rogers like an island in the stream
  7. RBM

    Looking after ourselves

    Fortunately there is a team of us working on it together, but it has relentless at times. Some people’s priorities have been bizarre. I had somebody complaining because they we haven’t gone through a consultation period to allow them to consider changes we’ve enforced to protect staff. Today I had someone claiming we’ve taken things too far and reducing people down to a risk ratio in order to justify ignoring the government’s advice in order to carry on without changing anything. He seriously had a bar chart to justify why we didn’t need to do anything because the risk is with the elderly. He couldn’t answer why he thought was ok to put peoples parents and grandparents at risk as well the health of the staff themselves.
  8. RBM

    Looking after ourselves

    I’ve just finished a 70 hour week pretty much doing nothing but work on trying to keep operations running and planning to keep people as safe as possible at work, whilst trying to answer everyone’s concerns about what’s going on and how secure jobs are.Most of the time battling a resistant board as well. It’s absolutely exhausting, even more so as things change constantly. Looks like we’ve been classified as key workers as well so probably more of the same next week.
  9. RBM


    Didn’t think it was, just clarifying what I was told
  10. RBM


    Will be returning I was told
  11. RBM


    Manchester City’s first team are returning to training on 20th of April
  12. RBM


    Not even BCD?
  13. RBM


    Mo driving barefoot to Dundee eating toblerone
  14. RBM


    It’s not proven you become immune once contracting it is it?
  15. RBM


    It’s all about money with this government, it’s their only concern. They’re telling us members of our families are going to die, recommending closures so that the decision rests with business, people losing their jobs, businesses going bust. They don’t care as long as they protect the interests of the wealthy
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