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  1. I’d insert Matip ahead of Gomez. Gomez looks out of sorts
  2. Sarr will end up at Manchester United for about £50m
  3. The centre back issue is still a concern. We ended up playing Henderson there last season due to a lack of fit defenders. Think we need extra cover beyond just using Fabinho
  4. The penalty thing is only a thing because it’s us. Nobody would be arsed if it was anybody else
  5. I think we’re just kicking the can down the road and hoping things look better in January
  6. Not playing in the premier league against difficult opponents. He was woeful against arsenal. Should be playing in the cup games and as an emergency only.
  7. I think Milner is probably the best option. Williams looks a long way off, and Gomez has contracted Lovren-19
  8. What’s the other option though if he’s not fit? Gomez was bad yesterday, not far behind Trent, Williams was shocking against Addams looks nowhere near ready, Fabinho looks like he’s needed in midfield, or Milner who lacks pace.
  9. I reckon it’ll be Sarr, which is why we’re hearing talk of lining him up for January.
  10. Absolutely, the drop off of quality in some areas is steep, and there’s not a great deal of alternative options.
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