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So, who are we buying in January ?

David Hodgson

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Can't think of a half decent striker we could get.


Forlan fancies another crack at the PL although I think he's prob nailed on for Spurs. What better way to pay back Slur Alex for his support?


I'd take Hangeland and like a shot although wouldn't be too interested in Parker.


Alonso on the other hand...............

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Those three players would improve us greatly. Although i'm annoyed we bought two centre mids in the summer and don't have a defensive midfielder on our books

There must be a striker somewhere. If we go in for Owen i'm going to get militant

Read somewhere at the weekend that Slur would actually sell him to us or Bolton, I dunno if we have made any enquiries...

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new centre half is key, but i don't like hangeland. i don't think he's significantly better at football/running/heading it away than kyriagkos. not sure who the player we need is, just that we need him.


mata's slightly overrated i reckon, although i wouldn't say no. would prefer banega if we're raiding valencia. or manuel fernandes who doesn't seem to get a game there, but was quite good at everton and at benfica, and might be available for reasonable money. parker's a little too old/injury prone, plus he's just signed a 5 year deal. in terms of wingers turan still looks prime for a move to a big league.

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Bit premature this.


but fun all the same.


Dzeko or Llorente for striker. Please, please, please a left back and a centre half of serious quality, no idea who like. Throw in Mata, Martinez,and a nice show pony, and things will be looking far rosier aacool.gif

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Maybe we can ask Purslow in his next Q&A


do we need to sign anyone? we have a boss manager with a really impressive track record in major european leagues and international football - 35 years of experience!!! - and we have a squad which should piss easy finish top 4. doesnt look like we need much

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If Hodgson is in charge I hope we don't spend a lot. Maybe a small priced striker, write off the season and wait till the summer where hopefully the £20m net spend + sales the club can generate can be spent by someone who isn't Hodgson.

Depends if any new owners are going to invest an initial transfer pot or not though I suppose.

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I wish for Kenny having a wishlist in Jan.


My copy of 'My Liverpool Home' arrived this morning. It's an omen I tells ya.


already sold to Juve


Wasn't aware of that, found it surprising he was still at Wolfsburg this season.

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