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  1. Spot on. This feels like a free hit for me.
  2. Brighton are well up for this. Mat Ryan was in our local Merc garage the other day, and told a mate that they want to leave their footprint on the title. It’s also Bruno’s last game too, so the crowd will be well up for this, plus there are nearly as many Reds down here as there are Albion fans. Not holding out a lot of hope, but then again I wasn’t on Tuesday.
  3. Good luck to him. A true legend.
  4. Read it on a few forums ages ago, I'll caveat that with an 'Apparently...' Unless, it's just his biting practice wrist.
  5. Not really transfer news, but I bet the Gala fans are delighted with this
  6. Some good news at last. I rate him.
  7. The bandage is a 'Puta'. It's a symbol of good fortune in Uruguay. I think his kids names are tattooed underneath it on his wrist, hence his goal celebrations.
  8. Good job Barcelona didn't think like that or they wouldn't even be linked to Suarez.
  9. Has a player ever been banned from club football as a result of an offence committed playing for their country ?
  10. That is just f'ckin ridiculous. In case he bites a Programme seller or steward ?
  11. FIFA have punished the player. The don't give a feck about Uruguay or Liverpool.
  12. He'll be back in time for the title charge
  13. If common sense is applied, he'll get a 4-6 game ban in line with violent conduct (which in turn will cause mass uproar and more hysteria and hopefully bells like Mills, Hoddle and Shearer will combust).
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