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  1. Problem is you only get away with being that lightweight if you have clever movement and an extraordinary first touch so defenders can't get near you. He doesn't seem to have that and any half decent defender will just give him a little nudge and knick the ball. Wasn't really helped by our other attacking players last night though and I'm not really sure what anyone's position was supposed to be.
  2. Great technical football in el clasico. Some of Barca's youngsters look very good.
  3. I remember watching McManaman's half-volley against Arsenal on the multiscreen.
  4. He's got an incredible goal scoring record throughout his career but he's way over the hill now. Not really sure what the plan is. If they don't get Sancho, this window has been a disaster for them.
  5. Aye. One of the best finishers I've seen in a long time. And he's 20. Ridiculous. Release clause is reportedly £63m which means someone will get an absolute bargain.
  6. That's a lot of money for someone who hasn't even played for us in the Premier League.
  7. I think if Chelsea score their pen, we probably win 3-1 because we knick one on the counter once they start pushing for the equaliser. But it would have made for a nervy end to the game.
  8. Big result. One of the hardest games of the league season and we strolled to a convincing win. If you’re City watching at home, that has got to sting a bit. They’re yet to play and we’re on six points with one of the tricky games out of the way.
  9. Every week we’ll get to watch him in our midfield bossing the game with his little touches and massive football brain. I can’t wait.
  10. So excited about this. Brilliant to watch, one of the best midfielders in the World and now he's ours.
  11. Don't know a lot about him but have seen him compared to Bellamy quite a bit today and I liked Bellamy.
  12. That Schalke centre back should be cheap after tonight. They’re 7-0 down against Bayern and the defending has been absolutely comical.
  13. Not easy to buy a player who will immediately improve the best team in the World. Thiago will. What a signing!
  14. Win bonuses for the lads when we wrap up the league in february.
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