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  1. She's a fabulous actor, with an unfortunately asterisked name. Seems to have beeen around forever, and in lots of 'cult' movies.
  2. Davvo


    It seems anywhere that's organised a boots on the ground approach to supplement the app, and done it early, has had good results. They haven't won obviously, this thing is stubborn, but they are definitely winning comparatively speaking. That some of these places were weeks ahead of us, and showing the way, is nothing for Cummings crew to be concerned about, obviously. Anyway, Moonshot is coming to save us all. Yes, the staff required didn't exist. It's to be hoped the hospitals themselves are never required either.
  3. Maybe if anyone unsure can put the 3 in here too, Leo might be able to sort when he sees it. That, or if there's people with no keepers saved, they might get to draft them before everyone else joins in ? Fingers crossed.
  4. When you click on your team, is the roster cleared with the exception of the 3 keepers you've chosen? Not sure if it's the same as on fleaflicker, but on there the commish can set other team's keepers, so that might be an option if some people are having trouble submitting them?
  5. Sorry to see you go Zoob, this might have been your year !
  6. I'm in for all league's, September has kind of crept up on me. nothing like leaving it to the last minute 😁Cheers for setting the draft, do you need me to do anything re Zoob's team, is he definitely out?
  7. Pine Gap, and Secret City. Possibly both on Prime (or Netflix, but one or the other).
  8. Davvo

    The cricket

    Made it look very easy indeed, incredible record, and nice to see the majority of the crowd applaud rather than boo.
  9. Nice one Leo, will at least auto pick best available if they dont make it to the draft.
  10. Same here. Perhaps it's only from 945, or maybe Leo is managing to do something behind the scenes.
  11. Which is your team snakebite? Leo, are you able to check who the other 2 teams would have picked as keepers, and draft for them as commish picks if they dont show? No idea how it works on NFL compered to Fleaflicker.
  12. Do we know who the other non-keeper owners are? Hopefully all are in the draft room and can pick their keepers in first 3 rounds befre everyone else joins in?
  13. Actually the rosters are still there on drop down menu for your team, so can definitely be done. Are you HP Phil ? Yours are still not showing.
  14. I think you can, but if someone is absent they will auto pick, potentially nabbing someone else's player. I still think they can be set by individual, as it seems to be possible to change mine. I can get to a laptop and help if needed, if someone knows who had which players, and can set me up as a co-commish ? Are all 4 teams definitely still live?
  15. Looks like it's a pop up window in a web browser, doesn't show on the app. Redsandskins, HP, montana rednecks and sixtimes still showing no keepers selected.
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