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Ryan Babel


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I'm sure it's been done to death in the post-mortem of yesterday, but broadening it out - what is his future here?

He arrived with a reputation for being quick, skilful and a scorer of goals/provider of assists.

Presently, he doesn't tick any of those boxes.

Gerrard said on Sky last year that they had high hopes for him, but he had to put the effort in (or words to that effect), and even Andy Gray yesterday said this is a big season for the lad.

But he seems to be running like he's got blisters on his cramped toes, he apparently has never seen a ball before, and going by yesterday's failure to grab the bull by the horns, he's forgotten the simple act of running past a defender.


Looking ahead, with a title push our serious goal for this year, is he really up to the standard we need? I mean, he's kind of gone past being a prospect. Or am I being unkind, and he was dropped on his head last summer?

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