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  1. I have to be in a bit of a nihilistic head space to watch it but really like it.
  2. I genuinely don't remember, which probably says more about me than Phil.
  3. I put the first episode on but couldn't get through it. Too corny.
  4. Start the main lads. Good comfortable win. What are the subs rules in midweek?
  5. Not entirely sure why Giulio is even remotely arsed beyond wanting to be contrary and wicked sick cool. I want independence for Wales but only ever heard it voiced by people of my generation. Hadn't even really occurred to me when I was little that it could be an option. All I know is that my home town has been utterly ravaged by Westminster and it doesn't give a s***.
  6. Top 4: City Liverpool Spurs Arsenal Relegated: Newcastle Villa Sheffield United Top scorer: Aubameyang First sacked: Dean Smith League Cup: United FA Cup: Liverpool European Cup: Juventus
  7. "We were good to you so lets just forget it all, yeah?" Any apology that begins like this does isn't worth anything.
  8. Will punch through your boiled egg face.
  9. Could just be that Zaha isn't good enough to justify the price.
  10. Watched Head Count today. Low budget horror flick. Clever mishmash of The Thing and It Follows.
  11. This is what I keep coming back to. All their leaders are old. Think losing Kompany from the dressing room, gradually phasing out Fernandinho plus Aguero and Silva reaching the points of diminishing returns means they need a lot of work. Especially while they are losing youngsters and even players like Sane. EDIT: May need work, anyway. Guardiola hasn't ever shown an ability to remake a team after losing integral parts has he?
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