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Sorry for the delay in posting it, however with the forum being down I obviously had to wait until now...


Anyway... here's what I've been told:



- If Gerrard's court case ends before the Tranmere game he may well play that to help with his fitness. Regardless of how quick it ends he won't be joining the squad in Asia due to the travelling and short timescale.

- Daniel Agger's injury is healing well and he is expected to be fit for the games in Asia, but will be eased back in.

- Arbeloa is all set to join Madrid. Talks have gone well and he's expressed his desire to go. A fee is all set to be agreed, and personal terms are sorted, so barring any last minute glitches he'll be going. The fee is quite low (been told circa £3.5-4.0m) as he's only got 12 months left on his contract,

- Kenny will be joining the squad for the Asia tour, but before he leaves he'll be at 'One Night In Istanbul' and bring the European Cup out at the end on the last night.


So there you go... a few snippets for you all...

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