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  1. Money isn't the biggest issue. Neil Jones said on redmentv yesterday, that Lavia would look at the numbers in midfield (especially Fabinho, Thiago, Bajcetic) and wonder how he'd get into that team. He'd look at Arsenal and see they've sold Xhaka and are about to get rid of Partey. So it's not so much a question of selling to buy for financial reasons, it's to free up space for Lavia (or anyone else) to be comfortable they'd get game time.
  2. Apart from Thiago, Origi and Elliot, it seems we've got a full squad to choose from as our "COVID" lads are back in training. They've got City before us. All else being equal: Alisson Trent Matip VVD Tsimikas Fabinho Hendo Keita Mo Mane Jota Bench: Kelleher, Ox, Neco, Jones, Milner, Ibou, Taki, Bobby, Morton
  3. They're going to try kick the s*** out of us. This is the game we lost Van Dijk and Thiago, and got denied the stupid Mane "offside" goal. We have to go Cobra Kai on them.
  4. My guess for West Ham - Alisson Trent VVD Matip Robbo Fabinho Hendo Thiago Salah Jota Mane Kelleher Gomez Konate Tsimikas Ox Neco Origi Taki Jones (assuming eye is fine) West Ham have the second lowest xGA so are tough to break down and their attack is pretty good as well. Going to be a tough one against a manager whose always tried to prove himself against us.
  5. Likely team Alisson Trent VVD Matip Robbo Hendo Keita Jones Salah Firmino Mane
  6. Mike Dean the Ref, with Kevin Friend on VAR. Dean is yet to award a single penalty to Liverpool in the Premier League (174 awarded for other teams across 21 seasons).
  7. A Saturday 3pm Kick-off for a change. We are currently 23 games without defeat in all competitions. The last loss was 1st leg against Real Madrid in April 2021. This is the longest unbeaten streak in the PL era. Kenny led us to 24 games unbeaten in 1989. Avoid defeat at home v Brighton & we match that record. Of course, a win is preferable rather than just avoiding defeat. Team? Alisson Trent Konate VVD Robbo Fabinho Hendo Jones (assuming Keita still bruised) Mo Bobby Jota
  8. Light in midfield, and Kelleher was ill yesterday. May look at more kids but team, could be (assuming no Kelleher): Adrian Neco Gomez Phillips Tsimikas Morton Ox Jones Gordon Origi Minamino
  9. I hate these. We always struggle against them and its time to pay them back for being knocked in 2020. Alisson and Fabinho are in Spain and should make the game. Back 5 picks itself, as does the front 3 (same one v Watford!). Midfield will have Fab, Hendo and possibly a surprise (Ox/Taki) as Keita played 3 games for Guinea and a full game v Watford. Hopefully Curtis is fit for the game.
  10. I had Crystal Palace @ Villa Park , 1990 FA Cup Semi vibes about that game
  11. Away at Norwich for the League Cup 3rd round. Seems like Gordon is bound to start as he was rested for the PL2 clash yesterday. Team selection likely dependent on injuries, as I'd like to see Neco come in for Milner at RB and Milner go back to CM.
  12. He has been blocked from going. Liverpool are not obliged to send him as it's not a FIFA tournament. Matter is closed.
  13. Work begins on the Anny
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