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  1. The latest I have. Becker is close. Fee nearly agreed. Fekir completed.
  2. This is all I have for now. Ignore all Jasper Cillisen talk. Talks between Roma and Liverpool have advanced over the weekend. Player is waiting to travel to England. Fekir is done. Lyon is just spending the money before it’s confirmed That’s all for now.
  3. I can’t see how this will pass now. Every single mistake will lead to grief for the poor lad
  4. Keita

    The Anfield Wrap

    Absolutely loving this so far. And all seem like good lads.
  5. 5 days left, I really can't see Agger. Borini, Assaidi, Robinson, Coates and Suso all going in that short time.
  6. Tony Barrett has a blue tick on twitter.
  7. He has about 5 career goals to date. Hardly the answer at this stage.
  8. Coady to Huddersfield then manager leaves, now Kelly with Palace.
  9. Kelly having a medical at Palace this afternoon.
  10. Ben Smith makes me laugh, he always comes with his breaking news 20 mins after Barrett has told him. Didn't he fail a medical like Remy?
  11. If they wanted to go they would be gone by now. As for Agger we have no takers yet. Lucas will probably go on loan to Napoli and Agger on loan to Brondby.
  12. Who are these potential sales? We are struggling to sell snow to an Eskimo at the moment.
  13. But who is going to buy Agger, we are s*** at selling and not many clubs are wanting an injury prone ageing CB.
  14. Seems Ayre is in Madrid just for Manquillo.
  15. Ayre is in Spain apparently.
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